Dirty Daddies

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She lets out a moan as he pushes inside her, and he grunts like a starving man over dinner. He drops his weight onto her, crushing her flat to the ground as her thighs struggle to open wide enough.
“You’re so tight like this,” he says, and his movements are slow and deep as he savours it. Savours every fucking second.
“Never stop loving me,” she hisses, like there’s any fucking chance of either of us giving this up.
The girl’s pussy is the Holy Grail.
She stares up at me as he fucks her, smiling as I work my dick in my hand.
She stares up at me like she can see inside my soul, and I remember what a little mind-reader she is.
And in that moment, I know that she sees how much I like watching him fuck her.
This is way beyond sharing for me.
This is way beyond a needs must situation.
This is about the three of us now.
Michael fucks her, blissfully unaware of my changing emotions. He fucks her until she squirms underneath him, whimpering and mewling as he slams into the right spot.
She comes loud, and she’s filthy when she’s finished, her cheek smeared with mud, her cami top green with grass stains.
And Michael’s fresh cum dribbling down her thighs when she gets up.Chapter Twenty-ThreeCarrieIt’s warm in the middle, wedged tight between two hot bodies in Jack’s bed. I love it here.
I try not to remember it’s Sunday night and they’ll be back at work again in the morning.
Jack’s hand is on my stomach, Michael’s is in mine. One of my legs hooks Jack’s, the other hooks his.
I should be exhausted but I’m not. I should be ready for sleep after an afternoon trekking through fields, my pussy sore from taking Michael again earlier.
But I’m not.
I want them both again and I want them now. I can’t get enough of them.
I can’t get enough of them loving me. Wanting me. Taking care of me.
I can’t get enough of the way I know they’ll pull me back in line whenever I get too much, either.
Rough. That’s what I want.
Rough and strong and dirty.
My two dirty daddies.
I must manage an hour or two of trying to sleep before it gets too much. Jack’s rolled onto his side, facing me, his breath even against my cheek.
Michael is still on his back, rigid as he stares up at the ceiling.
I know he’s awake. I know he’s still churning with all of this.
His hand is still in mine until I pull free and run my fingers up his arm.
I don’t speak, not with my mouth anyway. It’s my hand that glides across his body, feeling every ridge of him, as though I’m trying to prove to myself he’s really here.
The months I spent thinking about him come flooding back. Nights of playing with my pussy until I couldn’t take any more. Months of imagining him naked under his suit.
And now he’s here.
This weekend he’s really here and he’s really mine.
His breath quickens as I stroke my hand down his belly. His muscles are tight and lean, tightening further as my hand moves lower.
Jack was right, I’m a dirty girl. My clit is already thrumming for more, my nipples sensitive, even against the soft cotton bedding.
I can’t stop squirming, and it’s a relief to find Michael hard when I reach him. He rolls onto his side without a sound, and his mouth finds mine in the darkness.
Slow kisses. Soft kisses. Wet kisses.
My hand moving slowly up and down the length of him.
His breath in my mouth, his tongue lapping at mine. His finger teasing my nipple so softly I think I’ll explode.
“Love me,” I whisper.
“I do,” he breathes and mine hitches.
He dips his mouth to my neck and his lips feel so nice there. His tongue finds my ear and drives me insane. I’m panting and I can’t stop, squeezing his dick as he rocks his hips.
“Jack,” he whispers, “we have to wake Jack.”
And he’s right. We do.
It’s how we are. All three of us together.
I wake him in the best way I know how. My hand gripped around his cock as I find his mouth with mine. Mike’s still kissing my ear, his thumb still teasing my nipple as I squirm for him.
I’m desperate. Needy in a way I’ve never been needy before. Warm in bed between two men I love.
Jack hardens in my hand, his breath shallow as he moves his hips in rhythm. He doesn’t say a word as he kisses me back, just pushes his tongue inside my mouth and hitches my leg further over his.
It’s gentle. Torturous. Everything a tease as two dicks shunt slowly in my grip.
Two sets of fingers slip down between my legs. Fingers brushing over each other as two men play with my clit. Two fingers push inside me and I don’t know who they belong to, but I don’t care. Another two line up against them and I moan that I want it. In and out, first two and then a different two, and then both. Four fingers stretching me. Two men inside me at once. Two men kissing my neck at once.