Dirty Daddies

Page 74

Two mouths on my tits.
Two dicks thrusting.
One mouth on mine, then another. Over and over. Open-mouthed kisses that set me on fire. A thumb on my clit that drives me insane.
I want this every night. I want the three of us in a bed from now until the end of time.
It’s Jack that rolls me to face Michael and guides my leg up and over. It’s Jack that urges us on as four fingers make way for one hard cock.
He slides his hand down between us, fingering my clit as Michael pushes his dick inside me. His hand is wedged tight, fingertips pressed right on target.
Slow thrusts, all the way in and all the way out again. And then Jack, hitching up tight behind me with his big dick pressed against my ass.
I want to tell him I like it. I want to tell him I’ve done things. Dirty things. Things I know I like already.
I want to tell him to do them to me, but I don’t know how to say it.
I’m going to come already, fucked so slowly by Michael as Jack circles my clit. Only Michael stops before it gets that far. He pulls out and urges me to back up on to Jack.
Jack takes his place without hesitation.
A few deep thrusts and he passes me back.
Michael, Jack, Michael, Jack.
The distance between us closes. My body is pressed tight between two. They fall into a rhythm, taking turns on my pussy as I wriggle and moan in the middle and it’s fucking heaven. It’s Jack who pushes his fingers into my mouth when Mike’s inside me. It’s Jack who whispers in my ear to make them nice and wet for him.
I’m a good spitter. I show him so. And it’s just as well I am, because it’s my spit he uses to lube up his finger as he squirms it against my asshole.
Relax, he says, but I’m already there. I’m already desperate.
“Fuck,” I breathe. “Please…”
“You really are our dirty little girl, Carrie,” he whispers.
His finger pushes in and I groan. I moan like a dirty bitch, like I’ve always moaned when something goes in there. I can’t help it.
It’s tight with Mike’s cock filling my pussy. It’s so tight I suck in my breath as he pushes in another finger.
Mike groans too, and I know he can feel it.
He pulls out and Jack thrusts to take his position, but I squirm.
“Not there…” I hiss, and he stops. I wriggle to illustrate and he takes a breath.
“It’ll hurt,” he says. “Your ass is tighter than your tight little cunt.”
“I don’t care,” I tell him.
He moves away from me and rustles at the side of the bed. I press into Mike while he’s gone, rubbing my pussy against his leg as he holds me tight.
There’s a squelch as Jack comes back to me, a cold wetness between my ass cheeks. I hear him lube up his dick and I rub against Mike all the harder.
Three fingers in my ass and I grunt. “Still want it?” Jack rasps in my ear.
And all the gentleness has gone now. “Yes,” I hiss. “Fuck me.”
I love how dirty I feel with his fingers in my ass. I love how raw it feels. I love how it hurts before it gets better.
“You want to be stretched by two big fucking dicks?” Jack growls and it’s too much. “That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s why you want two? You’re a greedy little girl who wants two dirty daddies all to herself.”
I’m a whimpering wreck as I tell them I want it. I’m a wriggling mess as I beg them both to give it to me.
“Put your fingers in her cunt,” Jack barks, and Mike grunts as he does. Two at first, and it’s tight, so fucking tight. Then three.
I curse under my breath, teeth gritted as both men work their fingers deep.
“You’re too fucking tight for two,” Jack says. “Not tonight, but we’ll fucking get there, I promise.” He pauses. “Take a deep breath like a good girl,” he tells me and I do.
I hiss it out as he pulls his fingers from my asshole, and gulp it back in as he drives his cock in there instead.
I’m tense, wired as Mike stills his fingers in my pussy.
“Take it,” Jack breathes. “Take it for Daddy like a good girl.”
I’m glad he says it. I’m glad he likes it too.
And I do take it for Daddy Jack. Oh, fuck I do.
“Fuck me, Daddy Jack!” I beg. “Fucking fuck me!”
And he does.
He fucks my ass so hard I see stars behind my eyes.
“Keep those fingers in that horny little snatch,” he barks to Mike, “make her take it.”
“Fuck,” Mike grunts, and I feel his cock throbbing against my belly.
“You’re gonna come inside her after me,” he growls. “It’s your turn for sloppy fucking seconds tonight.”