Dirty Daddies

Page 69

“Just fucking bodies,” I grunt under my breath, grip her thighs and fix my mouth over that sweet fucking clit.
It drives her crazy. Her hands are in my hair and the noises from her dirty mouth are everything.
And it’s enough. It’s enough that I don’t care that another man’s balls are slapping so fucking close to my chin. It’s enough that I don’t care that my tongue is just an inch from tasting dick.
I don’t fucking care.
And I can’t believe that one crazy girl is worth stepping over boundaries I’ve never considered crossing in my whole fucking life up until now.
But she’s worth it.
I just hope she’s worth it for Mike too, because as he grunts and groans and tells her he’s on the fucking edge she tells him to stop. She tells him not to come yet.
And I’ve got a sneaky fucking suspicion he’s about to toe the line right after me.CarrieThey love me.
I feel it in their touch and in their kisses. I feel it in the way they soap me down and hold me tight.
I feel it in every look that passes between them, between us. Between all of us.
They love me and I love them.
But they’ll have to love each other too if I’m gonna keep them both.
I so wanna keep them both.
More than want. Need.
I need to keep them both.
And if love is really love then it has to be free. If three is gonna work then love has to go all ways.
I know these guys don’t love each other like that. I know they don’t wanna touch each other or kiss each other, or stick their dicks inside each other.
I know they’re only doing any of this because they love me enough to share.
But I want them to learn that love is love and bodies are just bodies. I want them to learn that love doesn’t come in neat boxes, and it doesn’t have stupid rules about how close someone else’s dick can be.
I don’t know much about love, but I do know that.
I know I’m pushing Jack hard when I ask him to kiss me down there while Mike’s dick is inside me. I feel how tense he is when he gives into the moment and presses his mouth to my desperate clit.
But he does it.
He does it because he loves me. He does it because he loves Mike, too.
And now it’s Mike’s turn. It’s why he can’t come yet.
It’s why he needs to be throbbing hard when I ask him to kneel between my legs and kiss me with Jack’s dick inside.
He knows what’s coming, I know he does.
His eyes are closed as I turn to face him and Jack gets to his feet behind me.
“I’m not sure I can,” he says, but I know he’s wrong.
I’ve seen the way he looks at Jack’s dick when he fucks me. I’ve seen the way he can’t stop looking.
“Try?” I ask and he sighs.
I wrap my hand around his dick as Jack pushes his way inside me. It makes me groan.
My words come out on their own, and even though they sound dirty, I don’t care.
“I’ll be a good girl,” I tell him. “I’ll be a good girl for you, Michael, I promise. I’ll do whatever you want, love you however you want. I’ll love you forever, Michael, I swear, no matter what. I’ll do anything you say. But kiss me down there. Kiss me so I know you can love Jack too.”
“Fuck,” he says. “This is fucking insane.”
I spread my pussy lips for him. Jack fucks me hard. Really fucking hard.
I love the way it aches.
I love the way my pussy wants to take him, even though I’m sore inside.
“It’s not so bad, Mike,” Jack growls. “Just do it, man.”
“Fuck,” Michael says again, and drops to his knees.
I take his hair in my hands before he can change his mind. Guide him to my clit before he can think himself out of it.
And it’s perfect. His mouth is perfect.
“We’re gonna make you take whatever we want after this,” Jack growls and I smile. “You fucking owe us.”
I sure hope so. I hope they make me take everything.
Michael doesn’t stay down there long. Just a quick suck and he gets back to his feet.
I take his dick in my hand and rub him, moaning under the water as Jack fucks me hard.
And then Jack stops. I groan as he pulls from my pussy, taken aback as he manhandles me onto my knees.
“Open that dirty little mouth nice and wide for us,” he barks, and I do, I open nice and wide.
They stand under the water, both of them side by side, working their huge fucking dicks as I stare up through wet lashes.
“We love you, you filthy little minx,” Jack says and spurts thick cum right onto my tongue. I let it dribble to the back of my mouth, angling my face to Mike as he groans.