Dirty Daddies

Page 68

It’s never been more obvious than it is right now. Never been more obvious than it is in her pleasure at having her hair washed by someone else’s hands.
Her eyes are closed in rapture, mouth open as she tips her head back for him. He gathers her hair up onto her head, soaping her with surprising skill as she murmurs under his care.
“That’s so nice,” she whispers, like it needs saying. She moves exactly as he guides her to let him wash out the suds. She turns to him when he’s done, her clean hair hanging in perfect wet waves against her back. She takes the shampoo and reaches up to him, and my heart flips as she mimics what he did in perfect concentration.
I suddenly wish I had more hair than I do.
She soaps him right down, her eyes on his in nothing short of adoration as she works her hands over his body.
I should feel jealous, but I don’t. I should be weirded the fuck out, but I’m not.
My cock is hard again, but that’s secondary to the wave of devotion I feel to this beautiful creature in front of me.
It’s secondary to the pleasure I feel in seeing my best friend so enamored by the girl he’s been in love with for months.
When she’s done, she shoots me a glance over her shoulder. Her eyes are hooded but twinkling. I love the way the water droplets glisten on her eyelashes.
“You next,” she tells me, and I press in closer. She turns between us, a fresh load of soap on the skin I already lathered, but I don’t care.
My mouth dips to her neck and I lick up the water from her throat. She runs her soapy fingers between my ass cheeks and guides my thigh between hers.
She must be tender but she doesn’t show it. She wriggles between us, wrapping an arm back around Mike’s neck to steady herself as he grinds against her from behind. We pin her, wet bodies rubbing wet bodies, soap and fingers and groans as our tender little wash session descends into another wave of hard dicks and needy pussy.
“This is love, right?” she asks as I hitch that sweet little pussy tighter against my thigh. “We love each other?”
The nervousness in her eyes breaks my fucking heart.
My answer is easy, even though it’s been impossible with every other woman I’ve ever had in my bed.
“Yes, this is love,” I tell her.
Her smile lights up the world.
Mike’s lips press to her temple, his eyes closed as he trails his fingers down her throat.
“I love you,” he says. “I’ve always loved you.”
She turns her face to his. “And Jack, you love Jack, too? We’re in this together, right? The three of us?”
Her breath comes in little rasps as she grinds against my thigh.
I save him the self-consciousness.
“Yes, he fucking loves me,” I tell her. “He wouldn’t be sharing if he didn’t.”
She seems happy with that, and so am I.
“I want you inside me,” she groans. “I want it again. I want us to love each other again.”
It seems now Carrie Wells has opened up to the love word she can’t get enough of it.
It’s sweet. It’s beautiful.
It’s more than enough to convince me that this crazy train ends somewhere worth the ride.
Guiding her back onto Mike’s dick comes so naturally. Sucking her dripping tits while he fucks her from behind is a beautiful pleasure.
Wet slaps of flesh make my dick throb. The judder of her tits as he thrusts inside is fucking divine.
She braces herself against the wall, arms tense on either side of me, balancing like a fucking ballerina as Mike lift her leg to take her deeper.
Water drips from her hair onto the hard dick in my hand, and her glazed eyes focus on mine.
“It’s just bodies,” she whispers. “We’re all just skin and bone and muscle. Just people. All three of us. Three people who love each other.”
I don’t know what she’s getting at until she presses a hand to my scalp. She pushes me down, urging me onto my knees before her.
I hear Mike’s balls slapping against her ass so loudly down here. I’m bizarrely fascinated by the way his dick thrusts inside her.
“Just bodies…” she says again, and spreads her dripping pussy lips with her fingers. “Kiss me, Jack. Kiss me there.”
But I don’t know if I fucking can.
The swollen bud of her clit is ripe for sucking, and her taste is everything I want.
But my shoulders are tense, and my stomach is fucking twisted up, and I don’t know if I can put my mouth so close to another man’s fucking dick.
She grunts as Mike angles deeper. “Please…” she hisses. “Kiss me, Jack.”
I squeeze my dick in my fingers, work that motherfucker hard as I contemplate the fucking unthinkable.