Dirty Daddies

Page 64

He guides mine where his have been and I rub that wet little slit as he smears his fingers all around her other nipple. And then he’s sucking too.
His face is next to mine, his mouth fixed over that pretty tit as we both suck and nip and slurp on her. Her fingers in my hair hold me tight, him too, shoulders back as she asks for it harder.
I suck harder.
I circle my thumb around the nub of her clit until she rocks her hips and wish I could see her there. I’m desperate to see her there.
Harder, please harder… she moans again and I pin her nipple between my teeth, my cheeks hollow as I give her what she wants.
Jack tugs her knickers down over her hips and I help him, wriggling them down over her ass until she squirms her way out of them. We hitch her up between us, breaking away from her tits in perfect synchrony to stare at each other. His lips are puffy, mine must be too.
I move to take a look at that pretty little pussy; swollen pink and glistening, tightening as she rocks her hips.
Jack and I must get the thought at the same time, because no sooner has the question crossed my mind than he voices it.
“Carrie, are you a…” he begins, then takes a breath. “Have you done this before?”
She nods. She’s done it before.
Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.
I wonder who she’s been with. I wonder who the lucky guy was that took her first.
It matters not. He’ll never take her again.
Carrie positions herself evenly between us, slipping her hands down over the bulges in our pants and palming us both.
“Clit or cunt?” Jack grunts at me, and I’m sure I should be bothered by this, but weirdly I’m not.
“Clit,” I say and he spreads her glistening lips wide with his fingers. I wet my thumb before I press it to that dark little bud and she shudders.
I stare down in fascination as he hooks two fingers and pushes them inside. Pushes them deep and she takes them with a sweet little moan.
“Tight,” he growls. “You’re so fucking tight.”
I want to feel it too, and he knows it. He smiles as he pulls out and I push mine straight in after him and she moans all over again. She is fucking tight. Perfectly fucking tight.
Her foot thrashes as I stretch her with a third finger.
“Give me cock,” she hisses. “I want it…”
It’s Jack who takes hold of her and twists her in my direction. It’s him who drops her backwards until her head is in his lap, his wet fingers grasping at her tits in a heartbeat.
“You saw her first,” he growls, and I did. I did fucking see her first.
Her eyes meet mine. “Fuck me, Michael…”
I loosen my tie and tug it off. She helps me unbutton my shirt and drop it to the floor, rubbing my dick through my trousers as fumble with my belt.
I take them down and my boxers with them, far beyond giving a shit about Jack’s eyes all over me.
“Big.” Carrie smiles like a filthy little pixie as she wraps her fingers around my shaft. “I want it inside me.”
So do I.
But not until I’ve tasted that pretty little cunt. I have to shunt down to bury my face between her thighs, licking in her long slow sweeps until I’ve tasted all of her. I dip my tongue inside and she’s gloriously fucking slippery in there. Slippery but fucking tight. She bucks against my face.
“Suck my clit…” she whimpers. “Make me come…”
I suck that hard little bud until she squirms. Until she moans for me. Until I feel her feet grappling against my back.
I suck her clit as Jack tugs his t-shirt over his head. He pulls his zip down and frees his big meaty dick from his jeans, trailing precum across Carrie’s cheek until she opens that filthy little mouth of hers wide for him. He pushes inside her cheek, and the noises, oh the fucking noises.
She comes against my face, her moans stifled by his dick as her body shudders.
It’s violent and wet and fucking beautiful.
She’s still shuddering as I lift her legs up and slam my way inside her. Her pussy takes me all the way, but it’s tight, milking me like a fucking glove with every fucking thrust.
I’m losing myself.
Losing every scrap of resistance to this crazy fucking setup.
I’m staring at the girl I love slavering over my best friend’s dick and I like it. I fucking like it.
I want to watch him fuck her.
I want to watch him fill her up right after me.
I want to be the one in her mouth as her pretty little cunt struggles to take him.
She gurgles and Jack groans.
My balls slap against her ass as I pound the fuck out of the gorgeous little brat underneath me.