Dirty Daddies

Page 65

And then I come.
I come hard.
So hard I see white behind my eyes.
I come without even thinking about protection. I come with no fucking scrap of sensibility left inside me.
I’m still twitching inside her when Jack tells me it’s his fucking turn.CarrieI’m grinning wide as they swap positions. My face already twisting to suck Michael’s salty dick into my mouth. I can taste his cum. He’s still throbbing as he rubs his cock against my tongue.
My eyes are all on Jack. Broader than Michael’s toned leanness. His dick maybe a fraction shorter, but thicker. Thick enough that I know he’ll hurt, even now I’ve opened up for Michael.
Michael hurt too. It was the best hurt in the world. I’m glad Jack’s going to make me feel it all over again.
I feel him spread me and look inside, and I feel so fucking dirty, still squelchy with Michael’s cum in me.
I can’t believe he came in me, but I like it.
I want more.
I want Jack’s in there too.
“You came inside her,” Jack says as I open wider for Michael’s dick.
“I’m hardly fucking thinking straight,” Michael says and Jack smiles.
“Wasn’t a fucking dig. You can have sloppy seconds next time, but what’s good for the fucking goose.” He thumps his big dark cock against my clit and I squirm.
And then he pushes inside.
Michael stuffs his dick in my mouth as I try to cry out. I gurgle-snort spit and cum, dribbling down my cheek as Jack bottoms out in me.
It aches a perfect ache right the way inside. I feel the ache in my belly and I want more.
I want hard.
I grind myself against him, scissoring him with my thighs and urging him on.
“We’ve got a dirty little girl here,” Jack growls. His eyes are dark. Dark and fierce. He looks on screen to where the credits are rolling, movie be fucked. “You liked how she called him Daddy, didn’t you? That’s what made you touch yourself, isn’t it?”
I feel my cheeks burning even as I splutter on Michael’s dick.
“I thought you were just being a smart-mouthed bitch when you called us Daddy, but you like it, don’t you?”
My heart is racing, hammering in my chest at being discovered.
Michael’s dick throbs in my mouth and he swears under his breath, and I know for all his trying to be sensible and sane and professional, he’s as fucked up as the rest of us.
“Fuck,” Jack groans. “Your tight little cunt is going to be the fucking death of the both of us.”
I don’t recognise the Michael that takes hold of my neck and tips my head back until I retch on his dick, but I love him.
I don’t recognise the Michael that tells Jack to fuck me harder.
I don’t think Jack does either.
“Fuck her,” Michael grunts again. “She wants it. She’s wants all of this. Just fucking give it to her, Jack.”
And I do want all of this.
I want all of them.
Jack’s thrusts are brutal but they hit just the right spot. I’m gagging around Michael’s dick, pulling at my own nipples when Jack’s voice sounds out filthy and low, just as it did in the hallway when he told me I had no idea what he wanted to do to a brat like me.
“Call him Daddy,” Jack growls, and I choke in surprise. “Call him Daddy fucking Michael and tell him how deep you want him down your pretty little throat.”
Michael pulls out, but not all the way. The head of him is still in my mouth as he lifts my dirty, wet face up enough that I can look at them both.
“Do it,” Jack says, and brushes his thumb over my clit as he pounds me. “It’ll sound even fucking dirtier with his dick in your mouth.”
My senses are on fire, my stomach in knots as my clit goes fucking crazy.
They’re right inside me, not just in my body but in my mind, too.
And we’re right on the edge. Right on the edge of toppling over forever, once I say it I’ll never go back, I’ll never be able to go back.
“Daddy,” I gurgle with Michael’s swollen dick between my lips.
“That’s it,” Jack says as my body betrays my secrets. My toes curl, my whole body trembling as I lose control. “Again,” Jack growls, and I’m done. All in for everything.
“Daddy Michael,” I whimper. “Love me, Daddy Michael, please.”
Thick globs of cum splatter my tongue as Michael swears under his breath.
I cry out as my own orgasm rushes through me, and Jack’s on his way too, I feel it in his thrusts.
“And me,” he growls. “Fucking say it.”
I look him right in the eye, knowing I’ll love him forever, no matter what.
“Daddy Jack,” I whisper.
And he comes inside me.Chapter Twenty-OneJackNot once in all the sex I’ve ever had, have I ever shot my load deep inside a woman’s pussy, no matter what contraceptives they’ve been using.