Dirty Daddies

Page 63

Maybe we’re all more fucked up than we’d like to be. Maybe we make each other more fucked up than any of us would like to be.
I don’t want them to notice as I slip my hand between my legs. I hope maybe I can rub myself so slowly they won’t even see me, but when I start I can’t stop. I hitch my foot right up onto the sofa between Jack’s spread legs and bury my face in Michael’s neck, and my fingers slip inside my knickers.
I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. And neither of them try to stop me.
Jack moves first. He takes my ankle in his hand and presses my raised foot to his crotch. I feel him there, big and hard. I rub him with my heel and I hear him grunt under his breath, and Michael turns his face slightly in my direction, his breathing as shallow and desperate as mine.
I know he can see me now, they both can. They both know my hand is down my knickers. I can hear the wet noises I’m making and so can they.
I close my eyes when I realise they’re staring at each other over my head. I don’t want to imagine the thoughts passing between them as they register what a dirty girl I really am.
My voice is a breath when it comes out, so quiet it sounds like I’m begging. Maybe I am.
“Touch me…”
And they do.
Oh my God, they really do.Chapter TwentyMichaelOh fuck, the noises she’s making. Her breath on my neck in little gasps, her fingers frantic inside her knickers. I can hear how wet she is. I can feel how desperate she is.
And I’m desperate too.
One look at Jack and I realise we both are. His eyes meet mine and stay there, waiting, and I know he’s pinning this all on me.
My call.
My filthy fucking call.
My dick is throbbing like a sonofabitch, and that filthy scene on screen is everything that should turn me off but doesn’t. Far fucking from it.
“Touch me…” she whispers, and it’s enough to break me.
I give Jack the tiniest nod and he drops his eyes. His hand slides from her knee to her thigh and she spreads her legs for him, hitching one right across my lap as his fingers slide over her wet knickers. He moves his fingers over hers until she pulls hers away, and then his hand dips inside the lacy elastic and rubs her there.
She moans into my neck. Right into my fucking neck.
I part my thighs and her leg drops perfectly to press her calf against the bulge in my pants. She lifts her face just a fraction, just enough that I feel her breath on my lips.
Her eyes open into mine and they’re hazy and hooded. Horny. So fucking horny.
“Touch me, Michael…” she whispers, and I take one last steadying breath before I’m all in with this craziness.
My fingers land on her shoulder and trail down her arm. I’m slow as I make my way across, my palm flat against her stomach before I inch my way up. Her nipples are pretty little bullets poking through Jack’s old t-shirt. I brush one with my thumb and she moans for me.
She arches her back as I take her tit in my hand and squeeze. She offers them up for more as I roll her nipple under my thumb, moaning as she lifts her t-shirt. I tug it up and over her head, her hair swishing as I pull the shirt free and toss it to the floor.
Our beautiful Carrie bares me her beautiful naked tits, and they’re perfect, just like she is. Sweet little pink buds against pale skin. A birthmark just underneath her right nipple. She smiles as I run my hand from one to the other, closes her eyes as I roll her soft little tits around my palm. I grip those hard little nubs between my fingers, and she groans.
“Kiss me…” she breathes. “Please, Michael. Kiss me.”
Her lips are soft and sweet and open. I press my mouth to hers and her tongue reaches out for mine. I take her hair and hold her tight, kissing her with the pent-up frustration of every time I’ve wanted to kiss her but couldn’t. I suck her bottom lip, and she twists her fingers in my hair as she murmurs for more, urging me down to her perky little tits.
And then she reaches for Jack. I hover with my open mouth just a breath from her beautiful nipple, staring up as Jack’s open mouth crashes into hers.
Their kiss is wet and frantic. Their grunts make my balls tighten.
I fix my mouth over that pretty pale tit and I suck. I suck with my eyes closed, soaking in everything.
And then a firm hand lands on my wrist. His fingers are wet. Wet with her.