Dirty Daddies

Page 62

I gather up my dirty clothes and the others from my room, embarrassed at how small the pile is.
“Is that it?” Jack asks and I nod.
“Like I said, can’t wear them all at once.”
“Next week’s wages are being spent on you,” he tells me and I get tickles right through me. Next week’s.
Surely not. Surely he won’t pay me every week?
At least I’ll be able to give Eli back that fiver and he can fuck off and leave me alone for good.
I follow Jack downstairs and he opens the washing machine for me. I throw the clothes inside without bothering to separate them, but he pulls out the whites and leaves them in their own pile. I squeeze my thighs together at the sight of my dirty knickers in his hands, and I’m damp already without jeans on. I can feel it.
He shows me the controls and I make a mental note of them. It’s really not as hard as the settings make it look.
“Thanks,” I say and he grins.
“My clothes suit you.”
I roll my eyes. “Don’t think I’ll be going outside like this somehow.”
“No,” he says. “You fucking won’t.” He points back through to the living room. “Movie night. No getting out of it.”
I mock groan as I head on back through, and Michael startles as I enter, as though he’s been caught doing something he shouldn’t.
I wonder if he’s been thinking about last night, just like I was. I wonder if it makes him feel guilty.
Or horny.
I hope it makes him feel horny.
I slump back down between them and pick up the remote control. All the films look much of a muchness to me. Action, thriller, horror, yada yada.
And that’s when I see some dirty thriller thing with Keanu Reeves in it. I read the synopsis and put on the trailer, and it looks really dirty.
“This one,” I say. “I want to watch this one.”
I’m suddenly glad I dicked about for so long choosing, because it’s getting dark outside and Jack has to put the little lamp on. He gets us a fresh beer before we settle down and heats up the popcorn in the microwave, even though I don’t like popcorn anyway.
I like it in the low light between them both. I like the way they move closer to me as the film starts up. Michael’s arm rests casually along the back of the cushions and Jack’s hand is on his knee next to my thigh. I pull my knee up onto the sofa and he moves his hand from his to mine.
It gives me flutters.
The beer isn’t strong but it’s going to my head. Jack’s t-shirt is only flimsy and the heat of the guys makes me burn.
I rest my head on Michael’s shoulder as the film starts, raising my knee even further to press against Jack’s thigh.
And it’s good.
The film is really fucking good.
The girls in it are filthy as they convince poor Keanu to have an affair with them. They’re all over him in the shower and the sight of all three bodies together makes me blush in the darkness.
I try to keep my cool, but I can’t. My clit is tingling between my legs and it makes me squirm. I have to clench my hands into fists and ball them at my sides not to touch myself, because I want to so bad.
Michael keeps clearing his throat in a way that’s definitely got to be nerves, and his legs are still crossed tight.
Jack’s fingers tickle my knee. Round and round in little circles which only makes my clit flutter worse.
And then the film gets all kinds of fucked up.
The girls turn wild and crazy and I feel wild and crazy with them. They kidnap Keanu in his own house and tear it apart in front of him.
And then one of them puts on his daughter’s school uniform.
I hold my breath as she rides him and calls him Daddy. Because I can’t. I just can’t stand it.
Of all the things Michael and Jack know I’ve done wrong, they don’t know the half of it. They don’t know how I’ve tried to tempt every fake daddy I’ve ever had. They’ve no idea of all the times at Bill’s I left my bedroom door open and played with myself when I knew it was only him in the house. Not because I wanted him, but because I wanted him to want me.
They don’t know how horny I felt when I knew he was watching, even though I never saw him.
They’ve no idea how fucked up I am, not really. And it scares me that they might not want to.
But then I see it. Jack shifts next to me and I’m sure there’s a swell in his jeans. I feel Michael’s breath quicken, and as fucked up as it is, I know they’re as horny as I am.