Dirty Daddies

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She grunts as another slap makes her wriggle on his knees.
She takes three more before she screeches at the unfairness of the world and everything in it.
And then she says it.
“Sorry!” she snaps. “I’m sorry, alright?!”
But no. It isn’t alright.
“Say it like you mean it,” Jack says.
She’s looking at me as she speaks again. Her eyes are hooded and horny as she opens her mouth and gives Jack what he wants to hear.
“I’m sorry,” she says. “I’m sorry I got drunk with Eddie Stevens.”
“And what else?”
She takes a long breath. “I’m sorry I was… a brat…”
“Good girl,” he says and the way he strokes her hair takes my breath.
The way she arches her back on his lap and twists her head for more, sends my pulse into overdrive.
I don’t want to stop watching.
I don’t want them to stop.
And it’s all kinds of fucked up, but I can’t change how I feel.
I can’t change how filthy I am for wanting this.
I’m about to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and relieve myself before I say or do something I regret. My balls are about to explode and I don’t think I can hold back from doing something insane.
But I have to.
Because no sooner have I determined that I’m well out of control with this craziness, Jack lets Carrie up from his knee.
She stands meekly. Demurely. Her jeans and knickers still gathered around her thighs as she twiddles her thumbs in front of her.
And, oh fuck, her pussy.
I’ve never seen such a pretty little pussy in all my life.
“Your turn,” Jack instructs me, like I need it. “Make sure you give her the punishment she deserves.”
I nod.
Take a breath.
And then I take a seat in the armchair.Chapter SixteenCarrieMy ass is burning and so is my face. I’m still floaty from the tequila, but I’m horny as hell and reeling and I really want this. I’ve never wanted anything so much as I want this.
I can’t believe it as Michael takes a seat in the armchair and beckons me over with open arms.
“Be a good girl now, Carrie, and take your punishment.”
I nod, because this is how it should be.
This was always how it should be.
All those sessions in Michael’s office, sitting across from him in that chair, thinking about how much I wanted him as he tried to help me any way he could.
Any way but the way I really needed.
He should have put me across his knees right then and there in his office. He should have made me take my punishment and shown me that bad behaviour has consequences other than getting thrown out of yet another home.
I didn’t know it then, but this was always what I wanted.
I take a breath as I shuffle my way across to him, loving the way my dropped jeans restrict my movement. Loving the way his eyes are on my pussy. Loving the way his breath hitches as I let myself drop across his lap.
His hands are kinder than Jack’s. His fingers tickle up my stinging thighs and I wish he’d put them inside me, but he doesn’t.
“I hope you realise we’re doing this because we care,” he says and I find myself nodding again.
I squirm until I feel his dick underneath me. I gasp because I know for sure now that he really does want me.
They both do.
Jack’s voice is gruff when it sounds across the room.
“Tell him you’re going to be a good girl. Tell him you know you deserve this.”
I’ve never felt the way I’m feeling right now, so small and raw and vulnerable.
It feels so nice to let go of the fight in me. It feels so nice to have two men who care enough to work through my shitty attitude.
“I’ll be good,” I whisper. “I’m sorry I’ve been bad, but I promise I’ll be good now.”
“Jack got you pretty bad,” Michael comments and my tummy tickles as his fingers spread my ass cheeks. I burn up all over again at the thought of him staring at my asshole, but I like that too. “You’re so pink.”
I want him to see just how pink I am, so I wriggle until my jeans slip down around my knees and spread my thighs as wide as they’ll let me.
I wonder if I’m leaving a wet patch on his trousers. I wonder if I left one on Jack’s.
My pussy is tingling and desperate to be touched. If I didn’t need my arms to balance myself I’d struggle not to reach back and rub myself.
Michael runs his fingers up the inside of my thighs. I moan for him but he stops too soon.
I stare across at Jack and moan again when I see he’s palming his dick through his trousers. I want him to touch himself. I’d love to see him touch himself.