Dirty Daddies

Page 52

I don’t think Michael is going to hit me as hard as Jack did, but he surprises me and hits me harder. His slap is loud and stings and sends me jerking forward on his lap. He takes my hair in his fist to stop me and I love the way it pulls at my scalp.
“You’ve been rude to me for a whole fucking week,” he says, and hits me again. “You’ve been rude to me for five whole fucking months.”
And I have. I tell him so and he hits me again.
I tell him I thought he was a pussycat and he slaps my thighs so hard I squeal.
I stop saying anything just to concentrate on how my skin is on fire. It burns a nice burn – one that blooms at my ass and travels right through me.
I love the rhythm as he lands his palm right on all the sore parts. I love the way his breath is raspy.
“I showed Jack my tits,” I tell him. “I took a picture of them and I wanted you to see. Both of you.”
“I know,” he says. “Jack told me.”
“I play with myself in bed at night and I think of you. Of both of you.”
Jack’s palm rubs against his dick through his trousers and his eyes are wild and dark. I hope Michael’s are too.
“Shh,” Michael hisses, but I don’t want to.
“I wanted to fuck Eddie Stevens to make you jealous.” The words sound so raw as they come out. “I wanted you to get angry.”
“It fucking worked,” Jack says. “If you’d have let that loser inside your pretty little pussy I’d have ripped his fucking dick off.”
I cry out as Michael speaks through his hand. Harder now. Much harder. His slaps tell me everything.
“Stay away from Eddie fucking Stevens,” Michael growls and he slaps me again and I squeal like a pig.
“I don’t want Eddie,” I tell them, panting for breath. “I want you. Both of you.”
“You’re too young,” Michael snaps and Jack’s hand stops palming his cock.
“I’m eighteen,” I argue. “I’m more than old enough.”
“We’re in our fucking forties,” Michael says, but I know that.
I like that.
I tell him so and he lands me a good one, right between my ass cheeks.
“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “I’m sorry for all of it. Just don’t make me leave… don’t send me away… not even if you have to do this every night, not even if you have to wash my mouth out with soap…”
“It’s not fucking soap I want to wash your mouth out with,” Jack growls, and Michael stops hitting me.
He lets go of my hair and helps me to my feet.
And then he pulls my knickers and jeans up.
I feel sick as I see the guilt in his eyes. He feels guilty. Uncertain. I know it and I hate it.
“I was a good girl, right?” I ask, hating how much I need reassurance.
“You were very good,” he says. “Be even better and go to bed now so I can talk to Jack.”
I look at Jack and he nods. “Make sure you take a glass of water up with you, you need to hydrate yourself after the tequila.
I want to stay and hear what they’re saying, but I daren’t.
My heart is in my throat as I look between them one last time before heading out to the kitchen to grab a drink of water.
I make sure my footsteps are loud on the stairs and that I slam my bedroom door so they’ll hear it.
And then I crouch, like a little mouse on the top of the stairs, loving the way my ass burns from where they hit me.
And relieved how good it feels to slip my hand down the front of my jeans.JackMichael looks mortified, and I can’t say I blame him. This wasn’t exactly on the menu as his ideal way to handle one of his waifs and strays.
But it was the right way to handle her.
I’ve no doubt we’ve done the right thing, even if things veered dangerously close to the edge.
“She needed that,” I tell him and he nods even though I’m unsure he believes me.
“She needs to stay away from Eddie fucking Stevens,” he says and I’ve no argument there.
“She will stay away from him. She has us to keep her on the straight and narrow.”
He lowers his voice. “By spanking her every time she does something we disagree with?”
“By spanking her every time she deserves it.”
“It’s wrong,” he says.
“No,” I argue. “It worked. How can that be wrong? The girl is crying out for discipline. She’s crying out for people who’ll stand up to her shit and stay firm through it.”
“And that’s us, is it? We’re going to be the ones to do this?”
I shrug. “Unless you have any better ideas?”
He runs his hands through his hair. “I wanted to fuck her, Jack. I was so fucking close to fucking her. Her pussy was right there by my fingers. I could’ve just…”