Dirty Daddies

Page 50

“He’s too chicken shit,” I hiss, watching how Mike’s jaw tenses. “He’s too fucking nice to teach me a lesson.”
Jack lets me go and I’m so surprised I stumble. I catch my balance in no man’s land between the two of them, feeling so unsteady under my bratty act.
“We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” Jack tells me as he heads past me into the living room.
“Then I guess it’s gonna have to be the fucking hard way,” I say.
It’s Michael who grabs me from behind and walks me on in after Jack. It’s Michael whose breath is in my ear as Jack takes a seat on the sofa I trashed just a short week ago.
“This is for your own good,” Michael tells me and tugs my jacket from my shoulders. “Sometimes people need tough love. Fuck, Carrie, I’ve tried everything else.”
“So stop fucking trying,” I snarl.
“Never,” he says and it takes my breath.
It takes my everything.
He’ll never stop trying.
It knocks the wind out of my sails.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers. “But Jack’s right. You need discipline.”
I shiver as he pops the button on my jeans and slides them down around my thighs. My eyes meet Jack’s as he stares up at me, glaring at me despite the fact that I can see the jut of his cock standing up. Michael hooks his fingers in the elastic of my knickers and I moan as he slips them down. Their clammy and they stick and I wonder if he can tell how wet I am.
“Over my knee,” Jack says, and I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe this is really happening as I drop myself over his lap.
His palm feels hot against my skin. My hair hangs down to the floor as I balance myself. I can feel his swollen cock against my belly and I like it.
“Remember,” Jack says. “You brought this all on yourself.”
I cry out as his palm lands hard and square. “Fuuuuuuuck!”MichaelCarrie Wells has officially driven me insane.
I’m not even drunk but I feel heady. Intoxicated by the way she pushes everything to breaking point.
My cock is so hard it’s uncomfortable, and it takes every scrap of restraint not to drop my pants and jerk myself off right in front of her, regardless of the fact Jack’s right in front of me too.
She looks beautiful spread across his knees. He rubs his palm around her sweet little backside and I wish it was me delivering the first blow.
“Remember, you brought this all on yourself,” he says, and she did.
I saw it in her eyes.
I saw the devilment in her as she pushed it too far.
He hits her hard, landing a smarting blow right on her ass. She cries out and squirms on him, and he rests an arm firmly across her back.
He hits her again and she squeaks but doesn’t move. Again and she grunts.
Over and over his palm lands hard on tender skin until she’s pink and sore.
“Say you’re sorry,” Jack orders.
She doesn’t say a word, not until he’s landed a couple of extra strong slaps across her thighs.
“I’m sorry you want to be such a dirty fucking daddy,” she whispers, and I hate myself for the man I’m becoming in all this.
I hate the way her words make my balls tighten.
This isn’t me.
None of this is me.
But it is.
I feel more like me than I’ve felt in years, as though the perfect shell of monotony is cracking and falling away before my eyes.
“Say sorry,” I tell her, and she stares up at me with piercing eyes.
“Sorry, Daddy,” she hisses.
How I’d love to drop my pants and stick my swollen cock down her throat. How I’d love to hear her squeal with her mouth full. I don’t recognise the thoughts in my head, and I don’t recognise Jack, either.
I’ve known the man for a lifetime and I’ve never seen this side of him. I’ve never seen his jaw gritted in the way it is now. I’ve never seen the sternness in his eyes as he administers a lesson to a girl who so desperately needs it.
I never thought for a second I’d want to jerk my cock in front of a man I’ve known since we were boys. I never thought for a second we’d be queuing up to spank the same crazy girl.
“Be glad this is my hand,” Jack snarls. “Back in my day you got the fucking belt.”
I see her shiver, but more than that I see the way she spreads her thighs open.
The girl wants him.
She’s putty in his hands, even though she’s playing the brat.
Even through all her bluster I can tell it’s starting to hurt.
She flinches as he lands another slap, hisses under her breath as he catches her good across the thigh.
“I’d think carefully about when you want to apologise,” Jack tells her. “Michael’s waiting to teach you a lesson for himself next.”