Dirty Daddies

Page 49

“I mean it,” Jack continues. “I’ll spank your insolent little ass until you’ve learned your fucking lesson. And don’t think for a fucking second that I won’t.”
I lean forward in the seat until my head is on Michael’s shoulder. He smells amazing. Like musk and man and rage. He stiffens in his seat as I breathe into his ear.
My voice is loud when it comes out. “Why are you letting him speak to me like that? You’re supposed to be my fucking caseworker.”
“Not anymore,” he says. “So I’d mind your fucking manners and sit back nicely in your seat, if I were you.”
But I don’t.
My thighs are closed tight, my muscles tense as my hips rock back and forth. My pussy is tingling, just like it does when I think about Michael and Jack in bed at night.
“You two are totally fucking out of order,” I hiss. “You’re not my fucking daddies. I’m not some little kid who’ll do what she’s told.”
“You will do what you’re told,” Jack barks. “And if we have to be your fucking daddies to knock some sense into you, then we’ll be your fucking daddies. I don’t give a shit.”
I suck in my breath so they don’t hear me gasp, and I can’t help it. My fingers slip between my thighs in the darkness of the backseat. And I’m wet. I’m really wet.
I’ve never had anything like a daddy before, not since my first foster family all those years ago. Not since Eli ruined everything for me.
I’ve never had anyone threaten me with a spanking before either.
I circle my clit with my drunk fingers, trying to steady my breath as I speak right into Michael’s ear.
“What about you, Daddy Mike? You gonna let him spank me? You gonna watch?”
“He’ll spank you his fucking self,” Jack snaps. “Won’t you, Daddy Mike?”
Michael’s so stiff in his seat. I can hear his breathing, and it’s fast. Nearly as fast as mine.
“Just shut your mouth, Carrie, and you won’t have to find out.” He shifts his position and I wonder if he’s hard. Surely not.
Not Michael.
Not the man who said he doesn’t want me.
I want to sink into the backseat and play with my pussy in the darkness where they can’t see me, but I can’t. I can’t because I do want to find out if Michael will slap my ass. If I shut my mouth and act like a good girl, I may never get to see where this is going.
And I want to.
I really want to see where this is going. Even if it hurts.
Especially if it hurts.
“I’ll never shut my mouth,” I snap to seal my fate. “You two pricks can threaten all you like, you’re too fucking pussy to lay your hands on me.”
Jack laughs. “Just keep talking. We’re nearly home.”
My heart races as we pull into the lane by the house. I wait until we’re on the drive until I take my hand from my knickers.
I’m surprised when it’s Michael who opens the car door for me and takes hold of my wrist. I fight him, because that’s what I do best. I kick and scream and lash out and call him filthy names from my filthy mouth, and I kick and scream some more as Jack joins him and wrestles me from the car.
“Shout all you fucking want, there’s nobody around to fucking hear you,” Jack says, and I do. I shout and scream and kick out at them, but they’re strong and I’m drunk and they take me easily. Jack grips me tight as Michael opens the front door, and I feel his breath on my cheek. I feel him, too.
I feel the swell of his dick against my ass and it makes me squirm.
“You’re fucking hard, you dirty bastard,” I hiss. “Does it get you off to be my daddy? Is that what you like, you filthy cunt?”
I feel a shiver up my spine as he lifts me over the threshold, and his voice is low and dirty and like nothing I’ve heard from his mouth before.
“You have no fucking idea what I want to do to a little brat like you.” His fingers twist in my hair and tug my head back and I gasp. I actually fucking gasp. “You don’t know me and you don’t know Mike, either. I think you’re in for a big fucking surprise.”
I stare at Michael staring at me in Jack’s arms. I squirm and wriggle my ass against Jack’s hard dick and I want him.
I want both of them.
And I want whatever it is they’re going to give me.
“You’ve been a rude little bitch to Mike all this week,” Jack continues. “You think he doesn’t realise you need to learn some manners? You think he’s going to let you get away with being this much of a brat, just because he had a job to do once?”