The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 157

"I wanted you to have something from me. To remind you, that I said yes, and that with or without the legal part of marriage, I'm yours and I love you."
He takes the box and opens it, sucking in a ragged breath. "Lily," he whispers.
I take the ring from the box— a black and silver titanium band with a single diamond in the center, and slide it onto his left ring finger. Bringing his hand to my lips, I kiss the ring, and gaze at his face.
"I love you. Forever," I whisper.
He grabs my face and crushes his lips to mine. I break, pouring all my love and pain into this kiss. This may be the last time I ever touch him, and I can't bring myself to say goodbye. This is the only way I know how. He tries to pull away, but I grab his face and hold his lips to mine.
I'm so sorry I couldn't get to you, Blake.
His hands tangle in my hair and I slide mine down his chest, enjoying the flex of his muscles under my palms. I'm going to miss him so much. Everything I am or ever could be is dying the moment he steps on that plane.
He runs his hands down my back, cupping my ass. I jump, wrapping my legs around his waist, our tongues consuming each other. He walks forward, pressing my back against the car. I tug his hair, breaking the kiss for a moment.
"I love you, Blake. I love you so much," I say, breathlessly, bringing my lips back to his.
He squeezes my ass, grinding his erection into me. I moan into his mouth, wishing I could have one more night. He pulls away from me, pressing his forehead against mine.
"I love you, Lily. Please come back to me."
I whine, grabbing his face, kissing him again. I press my lips to his, repeatedly, trying to stamp this moment into my memory. We stay locked in this embrace for what feels like forever.
"Say something, Lily."
"You were so over my head, Blake. I'm still learning to love, but I don't think I could love you any more than I do now," I whisper.
"Oh, Lily, you're it for me. I love you, baby. This is killing me." He presses his lips to mine again.
Slowly, he sets me back on my feet.
"Time to go, Mr. Mason," Hyde says.
I let go of him. Slowly, he walks to the plane, stopping at the stairs to look back at me. Dresden leans against the car next to me, taking my hand in his.
"Goodbye, Blake," I whisper as the door closes.
We stand frozen as the plane moves slowly down the runway.
Keep me in your heart, my love. For in mine is where our love will never die. I love you, Blake Mason. Forever.
I roll over, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, the tightness in my chest almost unbearable. It's been there since the plane door shut— Sorina and me on one side, Lily on the other. I run my index finger over my lips, the power from her kiss lingering there.
I sit up and shuffle to the main area of the plane, running my finger over the wedding band she gave me. Sorina is asleep in one of the chairs. I halt— the air is too tense.
Something isn't right.
I glance around, my body stiffening as I take in the grave faces of my sister and Lily's team. They're standing around the television. Tears run down Shannon's face, her hand clapped over her mouth, muffling her sobs.
"What’s going on?"
Their heads jerk in my direction. Shannon darts to me, wrapping her hands around my waist, burying her head in my chest as uncontrollable sobs overtake her. I glance at Sorina as she sits up rubbing her eyes. She stares at me, confusion coloring her face.
"Say . . . say it isn't true . . . Blake . . . it . . . it can't be true!" Shannon cries into my shirt.