The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 149

"Put Blake back on."
"Lily," Blake breathes into the receiver.
"I love you," I say with passion. I've never been so worried about him.
"I love you, too. Get home soon, please."
"I will, stay safe. Kiss Sorina for me."
I hang up, and stare out the window, my heart pounding in my ears. Dresden drives like a bat out of hell, and within minutes, he pulls into the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse.
We enter the warehouse, pulling our guns. The first three rooms are empty, but the fourth room has a desk, holding a keyboard and six monitors. Dresden angrily sifts through the draws, looking for anything that might give us a clue as to where the remaining Taurus members are.
mething white, hanging from the wall to my left catches my attention. I walk slowly toward it, my stomach sinking as I read the words, "GAME OVER" written in red.
"Dresden," I say quietly, pulling the paper down.
"What," he snaps.
I turn around, holding the paper up. His eyes widen as his breath catches.
"The apartment," I whisper.
At full speed, we run back to the car. I pull my cell phone out, dialing Blake's number. No answer. I try Sammi. Again, no answer.
"No one's answering," I hiss.
"Fuck," Dresden screams, taking a turn too sharp.
My head hits the window and I growl. "Get us there in one piece for fuck's sake."
"Alright, I'm sorry," he yells, running his hand through his hair. "I swear to god, if anything happened to Shannon, I'll lose my shit."
He glances at me, tension pulling the corners of his eyes tight. My stomach drops, a wave of nausea rolling through me.
"I'll kill every last one of them, I swear to it," I say, pulling my guns out to reload.
"You ready?" Dresden whispers to me from the right hand side of the apartment door.
I nod, pulling my guns from their holsters. I reach out and open the door. Slowly, firearms pointed forward, I enter the apartment, Dresden close behind me. It's quiet . . . too quiet. We round the corner toward the hallway leading to the offices.
I suppress a scream, scanning the faces of Blake, Shannon, and Sorina, tied up on their knees, blocking the hallway. Duct tape covers their mouths, and Blake has blood running down the side of his head. His eyes widen as I step toward him.
Something cold presses into the back of my neck and I freeze. "Drop the guns, Agent," a familiar voice whispers.
I swallow the lump in my throat, letting my handguns clatter to the floor.
"Turn around, slowly," he says.