The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 146

She leans her head back, looking at me somewhat upside down. "Nothing. Just nervous about the event . . . and Sorina."
"What about Sorina?" I bend down to kiss her lips. They're soft and warm, and elicit a reaction in my body I couldn't fight even if I wanted to.
"I'm glad she's here, but . . . what kind of mother can I be, Blake? Seriously, I can't even remember my mother, not that I'd want to. I've nothing to base myself off of," she says in agitation.
I clasp her head in my hands and kiss her again. "Lily, you'll be an amazing mother. Between you and me, Sorina will want for nothing for the first time in her life. She'll be surrounded by people who love her and want nothing but the best for her."
She pulls her head from my hands, stands, and wraps her arms around my neck. I kiss her with all the passion I can, her fingernails running against my scalp, sending a wave of shivers down my body.
Damn, what this woman does to me.
I glide my hands down her body, gripping her firm and beautiful ass in my hands. She pushes onto her tiptoes and I lift her over the bench with ease. We move backwards as she wraps her legs around my waist, grinding into my erection. I bite her bottom lip and she moans. It's one of my favorite sounds in the world.
I sit her on the kitchen counter, letting my hands trail over every inch of her body. Touching her is like feeling the finest silk. I wish I could get her to wear stuff like that to bed.
Maybe I'll surprise her with some.
Lily leans forward and gently bites my neck. "I love you."
I moan. Those words from her lips make me drunk. "I want you, Lily."
She opens her legs wider and pulls me against her body, grinding into me. I capture her mouth with mine, and forget everything but her and the way she feels against me.
She's my siren, my calling, my undoing.
"Ladies, please move your asses," Blake yells up the stairs.
Sorina and I are getting ready for the charity event together. She's wearing the most beautiful dress— strapless, pale pink with silver sequins scattered across the top. We allow her to wear minimal make-up, consisting of light pink eye shadow and lipstick. He bought her pink diamond stud earrings to match, and of course, she's painted her nails pink, too. She will be, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl at this party.
"Mom, are you coming out of the bathroom, or do I have to get Dad to drag you out?"
I sigh, staring into the mirror. "Just go down. I'll meet you there."
My breathing is uneven. The team agreed to wear formal attire for this, with our weapons and badges, and I feel ridiculous.
Blake bought me a very revealing black gown. The dress is strapless and stops at the middle of my thighs. The overlay, which goes down to my ankles is black, flower designed lace. I've never shown so much skin, but I've decided not to hide my sc
ars any longer. I can't expect Sorina to be okay with her body if I'm not okay with mine.
Around my neck is a single diamond secured by a black ribbon. On my right wrist is my watch communicator and on the left is the bracelet he bought me the other night. I have on diamond stud earrings and my hair is styled in a sleek, tight bun, courtesy of Teresa. I've kept my make-up minimal, like Sorina, with mascara and beige lip-gloss.
I walk into the bedroom and pick up my shoulder holsters off the bed. As I strap them on, Blake walks in, his gaze moving from my face, down my body. His eyes dilate, darkening with lust. I stand straight, slipping my Interpol badge over my head, resting it against my stomach.
He closes the door, walks over to me, and runs his knuckles lightly down my cheek. Electricity sings through me at his touch. I bite my lip.
"You seem nervous," he whispers.
"Is it that obvious?"
"Yes. You're . . . stunning," he says, leaning down to kiss my neck, just below my ear. I shiver.
"So are you," I say as he straightens himself out. He's wearing a tuxedo, his hair in sexy disarray.
"Sorina is afraid I'm going to have to drag you downstairs," he says, smirking.