The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 141

"Lily!" Vlad says, shocked.
"What? He is at the moment."
"Poate fi un nemernic, frumoasa mea doamna, dulce, dar eu sunt idiotul care este atât de îndragostit de tine ca a? face orice sa vad zâmbetul. Tu e?ti via?a mea, dragostea mea, ?i o zi am de gând sa-?i fac pe so?ia mea," Blake whispers, leaning over to press his lips against mine.
'I may be an asshole, my beautiful, sweet lady, but I'm the asshole who is so in love with you that I'd do anything to see you smile. You are my life, my love, and one day I intend to make you my wife.'
"Okay, so you're a really romantic and sappy asshole." I laugh, kissing him again.
"Wife, huh?" Vlad says, raising his eyebrows. "Now that is a sight I can't wait to see. You in a big, flowery, dress."
I narrow my eyes at him, a smirk on my face. "You shut it."
Everyone laughs, but Blake's eyes bore into mine, alight with a depth of love I never knew was there before.
"Lily," Teresa says, stopping next to me.
She sets a Tort Brun, brown-layered cake, in front of me. I stare at it . . . my mind going fuzzy.
You're last night with us beautiful— you're favorite dessert. A voice says in my head.
I gasp, my hand covering my mouth.
"What's wrong, Lily?" Sorina asks, touching my arm.
My breathing quickens, my fear reflected in her eyes. "Nothing. It looks wonderful."
Teresa smiles, but it doesn't reach her eyes.
After dessert, everyone moves around the apartment, enjoying each other's company. I stand against a support pillar watching Dresden, Blake, and his father shoot pool. Sorina is sitting on the sofa with Shannon and Carmen, looking through her sketchbook. Sammi, Hayato, Rhett, and Jameson are playing darts in the corner of the room.
"What happened during dessert?" Vlad asks from behind me.
I turn around, coming face to face with him and Doctor Saladinya.
"It was nothing," I whisper
, my chest tightening as the echoed words fill my ears again.
“Lily," Saladinya says in a stern voice.
I sigh, running my fingers through my hair. "I think my mother served me that dessert the night before they sold me."
"You think?" Vlad says, tilting his head to the side.
"I heard her voice in my head, I think. The night she served me that cake."
"Shit," Vlad hisses.
"Yeah," I say meeting his eyes. "I don't want to remember them . . . "
Father's mad, really mad. He's been drinking from the bottle of dark stuff again.