The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 136

It smells like Teresa made chicken and dumplings, which happens to be Dresden's favorite.
"No, you go eat. I have some work to do in my office before we can head out later."
He reaches up and runs his fingers through my hair, gently caressing my earlobe. I shudder at the touch. Today's not a day we can afford to get sidetracked with sex. I lean forward and press my lips to his; breaking the kiss before it can start something I don't have time to finish. Blake winks at me, and struts to the kitchen.
I stare at the bedframe, shaking my head. He could've easily paid someone to put all this together, but he was adamant about doing it himself. The most amusing part of all this is the fact Dresden can break down and reassemble an AK47, but can't fit the pieces of a girl’s bed together.
I walk over, scoop the directions off the floor, and read through them twice.
Seems simple enough. Don't see what their problem is.
I keep the directions close and quietly start assembling the frame. It takes me about a half hour. The box spring is light and fits perfectly. Sorina is sure to love the soft pink bed skirt and matching blankets. Blake called Nurse Slybeck this morning to ask what color Sorina would like. Turns out its pink, go figure.
The mattress is sturdy, but comfortable. Blake bought a pillow top to go over it. The pale pink sheets look nice with the dark pink comforter. I hope Sorina agrees to live here, and likes everything we've gotten her. Not that we can't go out and buy something else, but we've both been a ball of nerves all morning.
I sit on the perfectly made bed and bounce a few times, making sure the whole thing doesn't come crashing to the floor.
"How the fuck?" Dresden snaps.
He and Blake stand in the doorway, mouths open, glaring at the finished bed and me.
"Wasn't that hard once I followed the directions," I say smirking.
"Have I told you how much I hate you," Dresden says playfully.
"Not recently."
"Well, I'm going to shower. You all are supposed to leave in like an hour."
"Yep. Shower time it is," Blake says, a smile on his face.
I follow him out, winking at Teresa as we near the kitchen.
"I thought you had to finish da bed, Mr. Mason?"
"Lily got it," he says, heading straight for our bedroom.
"Oh, nice job, Lily. You know how to read directions, yea?" She laughs openly, sitting a handful of dishes in the sink.
"Yep. And here I thought they were the smarter ones."
I roll my eyes and we both laugh again. Sitting at the island, she hands me a bottle of water before turning to do the dishes. It's still early.
Hmm . . .
The echo of rushing water resounds through the bedroom. Stripping out of my clothes, I saunter to the bathroom door. It creaks, swinging inward. Blake's silhouette through the steamed shower door sends my blood racing through my veins. Stepping in behind him, he's standing under the spray, hands pressed against the wall in front of him, rippled body decorated with water droplets giving the illusion I've been transported to Olympus and am in the presence of a God.
Gently, I run my fingers up his back, loving the way his muscles move under my touch. He tilts his head to the side, and I trail light kisses across his shoulders, running my hands down his chest. He hums, low in his throat, straightening up.
He turns slowly and captures my mouth with his. We might end up being late today.
"Can you and the others meet me there in twenty minutes or so?" I say quietly into the phone.
The breeze on the balcony is heavenly. After the impromptu shower sex, I hurried to finish setting up a surprise for Blake and the girls at the halfway house. I'm praying they like the arrangement, but I'm nervous beyond belief.