The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 133

I push her from my arms and stare into her brown eyes. "Yes. I'll figure it out. For now, I need you to stay here. When this is all over, I'll come get you." I pull her back into my arms and hold her until the tears subside.
Lily, you have lost your fucking mind!
One of the nurses stops beside us, glancing from me to Sorina. "Why don't you come rest, Sorina?"
She stands straight, wiping the wetness from her face and nods. I keep my eyes glued to her as she walks from the room with the nurse. Blake's hands press down on my shoulders and I have no idea how to explain what I've just agreed to. He is part of my future, but so is she.
"Once Interpol clears this case, I'll have one of the rooms at the apartment converted for her," he says in a steady, authoritative voice.
I twist around and look up at him. "What?"
"Don't act surprised. I planned on asking you to come live with me too," he says, gently grasping my neck in his hand.
"You want me to live with you?"
He chuckles. "I thought I made it clear. I want you, forever, if I can have you. Did you think I was going to just let you leave when this was all over?"
I reach out, gripping the sides of his head and pull him to me, pressing our lips together. My body tingles at the contact, and as the kiss deepens, I pull away. This isn't the place for my hormones to get the better of me. He stares at me, his eyes wild with need. Taking his hand, we join Dresden by the door.
"You know it was foolish running over here without back-up," he says.
"Yeah, I know. Let's get back to the apartment before someone tries to kill us."
We walk into the apartment to find everyone still sitting at the dining room table, laughing and carrying on. My stomach rumbles and as much as I want to contemplate my outrageousness, I'm starving.
Blake and I take our seats, his gaze on me as I finally fill my plate and begin eating. After a few mouthfuls, I can't take it anymore. I sit back and turn toward him. His gaze never leaves my face.
"What?" I say, huffing.
The edges of his mouth turn upward. "Nothing."
"You've been staring at me since we got home."
"Am I not allowed to stare at my beautiful girlfriend?" He raises his eyebrows in amusement.
I laugh, catching several people's attention. "Maybe your girlfriend would like to finish her food without a damn audience."
"Okay, I'm sorry." He turns his gaze to Dresden and they grin like schoolboys.
Their bro-mance is annoying.
"You guys should've come with us. First time Lily hasn't punched someone before asking questions," Dresden quips, taking a bite of his food.
I throw my spoon, hitting him in the chest. "Shut up."
"What? I was shocked. I think Blake was too."
"I said, shut up."
"I think what you're doing is nothing short of amazing, baby," Blake says, trailing his fingers down my cheek.
"What are you doing, Lily?" Doctor Saladinya asks, setting his silverware down.
I sigh, and set mine down next to my plate. "It's nothing, really."
"Yes, adopting a kid, that's no big deal," Dresden says sarcastically.