The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 130

"I'm looking for Agent Williams." The thick Middle Eastern voice travels up the stairs as I descend.
Strolling onto the main floor, I chuckle at the defiant stances of Blake and Dresden. I neglected to let anyone know the good doctor was coming because of how late I called him.
"Good morning, Doc. How was your drive?" I say, entering the kitchen. I pour a cup of coffee and walk over, holding my hand out.
"Wonderful. Your gentlemen are rather protective of you," he says taking my hand.
"Yes, they are. Relax guys," I say turning to run my hand down Blake's arm. He shivers at my touch, making my stomach clench. "This is Doctor Hastin Saladinya."
He smiles wistfully. Hastin is anything but a typical psychiatrist. He’s shorter than me, slightly overweight, with deep tan skin. Dark, almost menacing brown eyes the same shade as his wavy hair, except for the slight gray coloring the sides. He's from India with the accent to boot, though he's wearing black jeans, a plain white t-shirt, dress coat, and sandals . . . the man doesn't own anything but sandals.
"Doctor?" Blake says, raising his eyebrows.
"Yes, Blake. You and your sister need to talk to someone. I called the only person outside this team I trust. My psychiatrist."
"I didn't know you had a psychiatrist," he says taking a step toward me.
"Well, she hasn't seen me in about a year, so we're going to rectify that while I’m here," Doctor Saladinya says grinning.
I smile at him as Blake's arm snakes around my waist, pulling me against his chest.
Dr. Saladinya raises his eyebrows glancing between the two of us. "Well, it looks like we do have a lot to discuss," he says.
"Yes, sir. However, I'd like Blake and Shannon to speak to you first. I think they need your help more than I do."
"Do you have a room we can use?"
"The study should do," Blake says leaning down to plant a chaste kiss on my neck.
"I'll speak to Mr. Mason first then. Lily, this evening we’ll speak privately."
Blake releases me and walks toward the study, the doctor following him. They'll be in there at least two hours. Doctor Saladinya is a very deep man and likes to probe. Butterflies beat around my stomach. The last thing I want is he and Blake discussing our sex life, which I know will happen regardless.
"Well, I'm going to let Shannon know the deal," Dresden says walking away.
I hope this helps Shannon. Her nightmares are taking their toll on Dresden, more so than he wants to admit. I look around the room, my eyes falling on the piano. Quietly, I walk over and sit down. My hands fly gently over the keys, filling the house with the somber tones of Bach. I close my eyes and lose myself in the music.
I sit on the chaise lounge while Doctor Saladinya sifts through a stack of papers.
My psychiatric files.
I cross my right leg at the ankle over my left knee, nervously tapping my thumb against my thigh. I like the good doctor, but never enjoy having someone pry into the inner workings of my mind. Others shouldn't be subjected to a scary place such as that.
"So, Lily . . . how have you been?" he says looking up from his papers.
"Uh, pretty good, I guess."
"What's happened since the last time I saw you?"
was the last time I saw you?"
He raises his eyebrows. "I believe you’d just completed an assignment in . . . Thailand."