The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 126

"Five million."
"Is that what his life is worth, Miranda? Five million?" I stalk forward. Her eyes widen, fear dilating her pupils.
"You do-don't understand," she says. "He would’ve—"
"Miranda, you have two options. Turn around and put your hands behind your back, or, refuse to do so and get a bullet to the head. Your choice."
Slowly, she turns and puts her hands behind her, a slight sob escaping her lips. I pull a set of handcuffs from the back half of my belt. "Miranda Kalwakski, you’re under arrest for conspiracy to commit the murder of Blake Mason. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you. Do you understand your rights as I have laid them out for you?"
"Yes," she whispers.
I close the cuffs tighter than necessary. Pulling her from the wall, we turn and Sammi takes her.
"If everyone could please give me a moment alone with Mr. Mason. Wait in the hallway and we'll be out in a moment," I say, my voice deadly.
The team walks into the hallway, Dresden pausing in the door. "Take it easy, Lily. This is partly your fault too."
My nostrils flare. "Get the fuck out, Dresden."
He closes the door behind him. I stand, immobile, not knowing what to do.
"Lily . . ." Blake takes a step forward.
I hold my hand up, stopping him in his tracks.
"From this point on, under no circumstances are you to get drunk, or leave the sight of the security detail while at events. Do I make myself clear?" I try to keep my voice even and emotionless, my gaze locked on the floor.
"Yes," he says, defeated.
He's waiting for me to lose my shit. How can I though? I'm pissed that woman came onto him, but angrier he almost got himself killed.
"Lily, nothing happened with Miranda, I swear . . . I'm sorry, baby, please," he says quickly, his voice pleading.
"Blake, stop."
"Lily, let me explain," he begs.
"Blake," I say walking to the door. "You don't have to. You were drunk and I heard what you said to her from outside the door."
"Okay," he whispers. He stops next to me and I finally look up to meet his eyes. They're full of sadness and questions.
"We're fine, Blake." I reach over and tangle my fingers with his. I smile weakly, pulling him into the hallway.
We make our way to the stairs, and I drop his hand as we come to a lobby full of police and paparazzi. I turn and nod to the team. We each circle around Blake and he ducks his head, trying to avoid the cameras as we rush him down the stairs and out to the waiting SUV. Once inside, I slam the door closed and get in on the opposite side.
I bring my watch communicator to my mouth. "We ready to go?"
"Just waiting on Vlad," Dresden says.
A minute later, Vlad slides into the front car."Let's go."
Jameson opens the door to the apartment and we file in. We're all worn out and the only two things I want is a stiff drink and to fuck Blake. I doubt the latter will happen after the night we've had. Blake hasn't said anything to me since we got in the car to come home.
"Welcome home, Mr. Mason. Can I get you something?" Teresa says as we enter the kitchen.