The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 125

I pull the whip from my side, lashing it out, encircling the hitman's wrist. His head snaps up, meeting my gaze as I pull hard, jerking his arm to the right. He fires a bullet, hitting the wall less than a foot from Blake and Miranda, who both jump and spin to face us.
The room falls into a deadly silence. The hitman pulls his hand, trying to aim the gun at me. I yank again causing him to lose his grip on the weapon. It hits the floor and Vlad moves to scoop it up, taking out the clip and emptying the chamber before throwing it across the room.
I flick my wrist, pulling the whip from his arm. He reaches inside his jacket and I lash out with the tail again, wrapping it around his neck. His hands fly to the
black coil as he gasps for air. I run forward, tugging on the handle. He stumbles toward me and as he falls, I bring my boot across his face, knocking him to the ground.
Vlad jumps over the body, sliding and stopping in front of Blake and Miranda. I glance over, my gaze locking on Blake. He closes his eyes and furiously shakes his head. He opens them and some of his intelligence seems to seep back in. He glances from me to Miranda, his face falling.
I flick my wrist, releasing the whip and rewinding it, hooking it inside my jacket.
"We need back up, second floor, right side, last door on the left. Viper's about to lose it," Vlad says into his watch communicator.
I strut to the hitman as he staggers to his feet. My head is fuzzy with anger, my heart pounding in my ears. Back up will be here any second. I land a right hook into the asshole's face, followed by a left hit to his temple. He stumbles backward as I continue, unrelenting.
Vlad calls my name, but I ignore him. My boot slams into the guy's left knee, and it gives under the hit. He falls onto it, howling in pain. I grab his hair and bring his face down into my knee, twice. He slumps to the floor groaning, holding his bloody nose.
I take two steps and vice like arms wrap around me. I struggle against them, my anger intensifying.
"Get the fuck off me," I hiss low.
"Lily, calm down," Rhett whispers in my ear.
"Don't make me hurt you, too."
"You're not a murderer, Viper. Arrest him."
"Please, Lil. Don't lose it like this."
I grit my teeth. "Do you care about me?"
"Yes." His arms tighten.
"Then get the fuck off me."
He sighs, squeezing me for another moment.
The arms disappear, and I stalk forward. From inside my jacket, I pull one of the guns from the holster and a silencer from my pocket. The rest of the team joins us as the two pieces twist together, my body moving to tower over the hitman.
"Lily, don't," Sammi says from behind me.
I glare down into the wide eyes of the scum who was about to shoot the man I love. I don't care how angry I am with Blake— I'd die for him.
I point my gun at his forehead. "I warned you people what would happen if you came after him," I say with controlled fury.
"Viper, don— "
Squeezing the trigger, his body thuds lifeless against the floor.
I pull my cell phone from my pocket and press Monroe's speed dial. He answers on the second ring.
"Agent Williams?"
"We have a dead hitman at the event. Send a crew. We'll be at the apartment if you need a statement. I'll also be making an arrest in three minutes. If she resists, you'll have another body." I hit the end button and turn on the others.
Miranda and I lock gazes on each other. "Sammi, how much was the wire transfer for?"