The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 114

I shrug out of my clothes, leaving a trail to the shower. I turn on the water, steam overtaking the space. I step in and wince as the scalding water cascades over my body. It runs to the drain, turning a coppery tint as it pulls the blood off my skin.
I'm tired of being covered in crap. Ugh . . .
I place my hands on the wall in front of me, stretching out my back and arms. Everything aches and my feet are killing me. Once the doctor gets down here, I'm going to need him or her to check for glass, and the graze on my arm.
The door to the shower clicks as it opens. Gentle but firm hands trail down my spine, leaving a line of heat in their wake. Blake's touch is like a drug. Once I feel it, I don't want it to stop. His hands encircle my hips, pulling my ass against his erection.
He runs his right hand up my stomach, over my breasts to my neck, softly pulling me against him, his lips caressing my skin. I moan as his teeth graze my earlobe, my body squirming under his sensual assault.
His hand moves back down my body, cupping my sex as he slowly inserts two fingers inside me. I moan, pressing my ass into him harder, almost convulsing as he presses his thumb to my clit. He slides his fingers in and out; his thumb circling as he gently nips at my shoulder with his teeth.
I reach up and tangle my fist in his hair, grinding into his erection. His other hand squeezes my hip, waves of pleasure coursing through me as the fire from my groin slowly moves through my stomach, sensitizing every nerve in my body.
Blake removes his fingers and spins me around, capturing my mouth with his. I run my nails down his chest and grip his erection, firmly moving my hand up and down his impressive length. He moans into my mouth and presses me against the shower wall. His body stiffens under my touch and I move my hand faster, wanting to feel him come undone.
"Stop," he hisses, grabbing my wrist.
He pulls my hand up to his shoulder and hitches my leg around his waist, filling me quickly. I cry out a garbled version of his name as he pumps himself into me.
The pressure builds quickly, my body begging for release. "Please don't stop," I moan.
He growls, deep and low, pushing harder as I grind into him, matching his rhythm and intensity. His lips find my neck, licking and sucking, and within seconds, I come around him, my body shaking as I dig my fingers into his arms. He thrusts two more times and comes inside me, his body relaxing against mine.
Gently, he pulls out and lets my leg down. He presses his forehead against mine, our breathing ragged and uneven. I caress the side of his face; remembering how close I came to losing him today. I grip the side of his head, pulling back to look in his eyes.
"I'll do whatever it takes to keep you alive," I say with fever and passion.
"Who's going to keep you safe? I died a hundred times watching those cameras this morning."
I kiss his lips, pouring my love, my fear, my need, into him. I've never been afraid of losing anything . . . until now. It dawns on me— I've never had anything worth holding on to.
"Nothing is going to happen to me. You have to trust me."
"I do trust you. More than I've ever trusted anyone. I love you so much it hurts, Lily." His voice is captivating and demanding.
I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. Nothing in my life before him mattered. If I lose him, nothing after him will matter either. He's my present and my future, and for the first time, I see a life outside Interpol. He deserves better . . . better than the shattered remains of a girl, but I'm selfish. The thought of not being with him is physically painful.
"I don't think I can ever let you go," I whisper.
"Good, because I don't want you to."
Voices from the living room wake me. I glance at the clock; it's 3:00 AM. It's easy to lose time down here. I roll over, a soft moan making me jump. Blake is lying on his back, his face serene and childish. At least the doctor said I was good to go after pulling a few small shards of glass from my foot.
"Lily won't agree to that." Dresden's voice has its strength back.
I get up and stand just inside the bedroom door, listening intently.
"We don't have a choice. You all can't stay down here forever. Mason's apartment is fortified; we're giving you extra s
ecurity. Hiding him isn't going to solve this. We need you all out in the open to draw them out," Hyde says exasperated.
"He's right, Dresden," I say in a hushed tone stepping into the living room. The bedroom door closes with a light click.
His voice is venom through the air. "You want to put them in the middle of this shit? We're going to get them killed."