The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 115

"What's the alternative? Hiding down here for the rest of our lives? The Taurus will keep doing what they do, unless we find them and kill them."
"Lily, have you lost your mind?"
"No. I'm realistic. We can't win a war hiding underground."
"What happens if Blake gets killed? Or Shannon?" His voice cracks on her name. "I love her, Lily. I can't stand the thought of her being hurt anymore."
"Then let's end this. You know what we're capable of. Put the fucking feelings aside, kill the bastards, and then maybe, just maybe, you and I can have normal lives with the people we love. Because if we don't, then there isn't any hope. We got one chance. All we need to do is focus and take it," I say forcefully.
"She's right, love," Shannon says walking into the room.
She looks strong, determined. She probably understands what's at stake better than Dresden.
"Mein Shatz, I can't," he says reaching for her. She presses against his side, her arm curled around his good shoulder.
"Can you kill them?" She looks directly into his eyes, her face set in a hard stare.
"Yes," he breathes.
"Then yes, you can do it. You take us back, let them come, and kill them. That way I can have you to myself, without all this," she says waving her arm to imply the mess that is our situation.
"Verdammt! You haven't even asked Blake about this shit," he snaps turning his angry eyes on me.
"I wi—"
"She doesn't have to," Blake says coming up behind me. "If she believes this is what's best, then for once, I won't argue with her. I trust her."
Dresden sighs, tightening his grip on Shannon's waist. "Fine. If anything gets fucked up, I swear to God, I'll make boots outta Viper skin."
"Good luck with that. I'm a better shot than you," I quip, smirking at him.
His frown breaks into an involuntary grin. "Fuck you. You may be faster, but I'm stronger."
"Yes, ergo the name Python. But you have to catch me first. I could use a new snake skin purse." I wiggle my eyebrows at him.
His laughter fills the room. "Is that a challenge?"
"Anytime, anyplace. You may want to let your arm heal though; I wouldn't want to upset your girlfriend by doing permanent damage."
"Don't write a check your ass can't cash," he says, grinning.
"Her ass can cash some pretty big checks though," Blake says, amused.
I gape at him. "Shut the fuck up!"
The others burst into a fit of laughter loud enough to wake the dead.
"Monroe, we should discuss the parameters of this idea. We need the rest of the team. Can't plan protection details without Vlad," I say.
"Shannon, that's our cue to go back to bed," Blake says, taking my hand in his.
I look at him, confused. "You can stay."
"No, baby. I'm not going to keep interfering with your job," he says, leaning down to brush his lips across mine.
My body ignites at the touch. I stare after him until he closes the bedroom door.