The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 112

Cheating bastards!
"Mmm, you a feisty bitch, I like that," he says in a thick Russian accent, grinding himself into my ass.
I'm going to flay this motherfucker.
The pressure from his body is ripped away, and I spin around. Rhett circles around him, putting himself between the asshole and me, his machete out. This dude is royally fucked, and not in the good way.
"She's got a boyfriend," Rhett hisses as the assailant charges.
The machete flashes out, catching the moonlight as it impales the man right through the chest. A grunt snaps me back to reality. Rhett rips his blade from the man and we both turn, eyes locking on Vlad, who's got one guy hanging off his back and one in front of him.
Together, Rhett and I each lift a gun and fire one bullet. He hits the guy in front of Vlad and I hit the one hanging on his back. Vlad rears back, flinging the dead body into the wall and looks at us, irritated.
"Thanks, douchebags. Took you long enough, eh?"
"We were occupied," I say amused.
"Where are the other two?" he says, glancing around the room.
"Blake's bedroom is the only place to go from here. Rhett, head back to my office and make sure nothing comes up that back stairwell. Have Jameson watch the front hallway," I say as he holds his fist out for a bump. "Thanks for saving my ass."
"Anytime, Viper. Good luck," he says and jogs through the bodies to the far hallway.
We move as one to the stairs. Vlad keeps an eye behind us. Blake's bedroom door is cracked open, but no noise comes from inside.
"Be careful. Remember, Mason made us remove the bedroom cameras, I can't see shit up there. You'll have to go in blind," Hayato warns in my ear.
Cautiously, I push the door wider with my toe. The pressure stings, and I'm positive there's glass in my foot. I step inside the room. My sight blacks out as something hard connects with my temple. I scream in pain, stumbling to the side, the room slowly refocusing as I blink furiously. Strong arms grab my neck and slam me into the wall, my head bouncing off the plaster.
"Lily," Vlad's strained voice yells. Shuffling and grunts echo from the other side of the room.
"Vlad," I croak as the hand around my neck tightens. A fist connects with my face— once . . . twice.
The guns are on the floor, out of my reach. I pull my knife from my pocket, pressing the button on the front to open the blade. My eyes finally lock on my attackers, his face dripping with sweat. He raises his fist again, and I bring my knife down across his wrist.
"Bitch!" He lets go of my neck.
I lean against the wall, gasping for air as he stumbles back, clutching his hand to his chest. He growls, low in his throat, and lunges for me. I brace myself, gathering all my strength. Something shiny shoots between us. Vlad sinks his knife into the assailant, driving it up, through his chin, into his head. I breathe heavily as blood oozes down Vlad's hand. He rips the knife out, and I kick the body in the chest sending it flying back onto the bed. I lean over, placing my hands on my knees.
Vlad lays his hand on my back. "You okay, Viper?"
"Yeah," I pant. "Way to save the day." I stand, picking my guns up and shoving them into their holsters.
He smiles.
As we enter the great room, the front doo
r bursts open. Vlad and I grab for our guns, stopping short as Interpol agents pour into the room. We both sigh and drop our hands.
"All clear, Boomslang. You guys can come out."
Four paramedics scurry into the room. "Vlad, take them to Dresden."
He nods and beckons for them to follow. The others file into the room as the paramedics duck into my office. Hyde Monroe stands in the foyer, gaping at the destruction.
"Good morning, sir. Nice to see you. Thanks for the cell phones."
He steps into the room, meeting my gaze. "You're welcome. They all dead?"