The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 104

"Yes . . ."
"Be careful."
"I always am, sir." I grin.
I end the call and walk to the kitchen. Black's gaze pulls at me as I load my sniper rifle, slinging it onto my back. Picking up my shotgun, I load it and walk into the living room.
"You're confined to this living room for the next twenty-four hours. Stay away from the windows. If anything happens, take the fire escape stairs to the spare SUV parked next to it. Keys are in the center console. Go to Monroe in DC."
"What about you guys?" Shannon's voice breaks.
"If this apartment is attacked, you leave us behind and go. Our job is to keep you alive at all cost."
I focus, trying to keep my breathing steady as tears spill over and run down her cheeks. Steeling myself from the emotions churning inside me, I trade places with Rhett. As he moves to make his phone call, I notice movement on the roof across from us.
"Jameson," I whisper, nodding toward the assailant.
"I see him." Jameson brings his rifle up, looking through the scope. I follow suit. "Do you see the tat?"
"Yep. I'm going to crack my window. I don't want to shatter the glass."
The man's neck is accented by a blue-flamed Taurus tattoo. Slowly, I open the window enough to lay the barrel of my rifle outside, focusing the crosshairs on his head.
"I'm taking the shot," I say as he looks up, eyes locking on mine.
I squeeze the trigger.
I've seen Lily do a lot of things over the last few months, and heard enough about her time with Shannon. I thought I was immune to just about everything. Watching her take out another sniper, and the controlled celebration that followed, put things into perspective for me.
I love her, but the fact is— her abilities scare the shit out of me. After she pulled the trigger, she showed no emotion other than elation. High fives went all around between her, Dresden, Vlad, and the others. Even Sammi came out, heard about it and hugged her, giving her several praises.
Lily has moved around the apartment all day, and all I can do is sit here while she's meticulously planning the capture and murder of several people. Part of me wonders if I'll ever be able to heal her enough that she could live a normal life outside Interpol— away from all this violence and pain. I want her too, so bad. I'd give Lily the world if she'd let me, though, she'll hardly let me buy her a meal let alone her heart's desires.
"Viper," Sammi says walking into the room. "I've searched the CCTV system continuously for the last few hours. There's nothing suspicious in the area. I think we're clear for now."
Lily huffs, puffing out her cheeks. She pulls her brows together, etching her face with worry. It's easy to see how no one questioned her age. She looks and acts much older than her time when she's in agent mode. She's so mercurial and it's hard to keep up with her constant mood changes at times.
"If you're sure, then I'll trust you. Let the Masons get some sleep. Vlad is looking over the apartment blueprints anyway. Said he'll have a plan by nine," she says, running her fingers through her hair.
I grin to myself, remembering the way her hair feels in my hands— full and soft, feather light. No matter what, I can't deny the need I have for this woman. I'm so wrapped up in her spell that if I don't watch myself, I might end up in another dimension one day. Even the parts of her that scare me are lovable.
How could you not love a woman who's willing to die to keep you safe?
Lily walks over, stopping on the other side of the coffee table.
"Everything's clear for now. Vlad will brief us with a better plan later this morning."
I stay on the couch, wanting to get a moment alone with her. I can tell she's upset about tonight. Lily always thinks about the worst 'what ifs' and will continue to think about them until she's driven herself mad with worry. I need to find a way to get her to stop. It's going to be the death of her. Not a sniper or trafficker, she'll die of a heart attack.
My stepmother rises, moving around the table to stand in front of Lily.
"Thank you," she says in an affectionate tone.
"Uh . . . for what, Mrs. Mason?"