The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 100

"I could say the same for you." He smirks, allowing his eyes to travel up and down my body.
I chuckle, remembering the first time I met Dresden. He was twenty-five and I was seventeen. I was practicing with throwing knives when he walked up behind me, called me a 'sweet lil' thing', and instinctively, I turned and put a knife to his throat.
"What are you laughing at?"
"Do you remember the first time we met?"
He chuckles. "Yes, I do. Never had a woman put a knife to my throat before then, or since. I still can't believe you were only seventeen." He shakes his head in disbelief.
"Yeah. Bet you feel bad for eye fucking me from across the training room all those years," I say, teasing, as the elevator door opens and we move into the lobby.
His face tightens, eyes darkening as anger simmers behind his green irises. Reaching out, I grab his bicep and twist him around to face me. He averts his eyes. My foot taps impatiently against the marble floor.
"Explain the mood, Dres. I was kidding."
"Well, joking or not, you hit the nail on the head."
I roll my eyes. "Dresden, don't ruin our outing. I should feel bad about all that, not you."
"Jax should feel bad. You were a fucked up kid," he snaps.
I sigh and walk toward the front doors. Parked on the curb is Interpol's other gifts to the team. Three, brand new, solid black Yukon Denali Sports Utility Vehicles. Fully loaded and bulletproof. Dresden and I climb into the first one. As I pull onto the street, my cell phone chirps.
7:35 –Blake: Good morning. Please wake me before you leave next time. When will you be back? I'd like to take you out this afternoon, if you don't have important secret agent stuff to do.
I smile, stopping at a red light to text him back.
7:36 –Morning. You need to sleep. I'm not waking you every time I have to leave the room. I should be back by noon. As it is, I have a meeting this afternoon, but after that, I'm free for an attempt at normal people shenanigans.
7:38 –Blake: I'll give you shenanigans. Stop texting and driving. It is against the law in Maryland, and the cops here don’t screw around.
I burst out laughing, holding my phone out to Dresden as I pull through the intersection. He gives a hearty chuckle. I’d love the cops to pull me over and tell me not to text and drive. My badge supersedes theirs— in all matters.
7:40 – Cops? Did you not get a look at the badge and arsenal I carry on me? Oh, wait, yes you did, when you stripped me of them before throwing me down in bed. Btw–you really know how to put it on a girl. Mind-blowing.
7:43 –Blake: Please stop. You’re not here and I now have a hard on. Cold shower it is. I love you, come home soon.
I smile again, pushing my cell into its holder.
"How far is this place?"
"Thirty minutes, tops. The way I drive . . . twenty minutes." I glance at him.
He has a wolfish grin on his face, tapping a hard beat on the door with his thumb. "It's good to see you happy, Lily."
I raise my eyebrows. Dresden and I have yet to delve into my new romantic life. "It's still strange, but I'm trying."
"I know. We can all see it. Sammi is beside herself every time Blake touches you."
"Well, I'm not over anything yet. Just pushing past it, I guess. I'm still fucked up enough on the inside."
"Fucked up or not, I've noticed the changes in you since we came here. Whatever he's doing . . . I hope he keeps doing it."
"What do you mean?"
Dresden reaches over and puts his hand on my leg. I glance from his hand to his face. He's staring out the windshield, a stern look in his eyes.