The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 96

There's a knock on the bedroom door.
"Come in," I say, sitting up straight on the edge of the bed.
"Miss Lily, you have a large package from Interpol. It's in the kitchen," Teresa says leaning in the open door.
"Thank you, Teresa. I'll be right down."
Well, team leader, time to put your game face on.
I stand and step inside the walk-in closet, dressing in my usual all-black work clothes, the ones from the first time Blake met me. My knife holders are a welcome feel against my thighs, as is the slight heaviness from my .22 handgun strapped around my ankle. After pushing on my tennis shoes and standing, a sharp pain shoots through my side.
Fucking ribs.
Clutching my sides does nothing, but it's an involuntary habit at this point.
My shoulder holsters slide and click snugly into place, both 9mm guns fitting perfectly in each one. I bend down and pull a large chain from my duffel bag. Attached to it is my badge from Interpol. I put it on, and adjust, so it rests against my stomach, right above my belly button.
I walk out of the closet, to the full-length mirror on the back of Blake's door. I look like an agent again. I take a deep, ragged breath and reach for the knob, walking down the stairs slowly.
The first floor is empty, except for Teresa cooking in the kitchen.
"What are you making?"
"Ah, making Paella with seafood and sausage. Mr. Mason's favorite."
"Smells wonderful."
She smiles. The box on the counter has the Interpol emblem on the top, with confidential stamped on the sides. I pull a knife out and cut through the tape. Inside is a folded piece of paper.
Agents Williams and Scholl,
This box contains some items for the team. There are new phones for each of you as well as the Mason family. The old cell phones are scheduled for deactivation as the security may have been compromised. New badges are also enclosed and to be worn at all times.
After a very long meeting, we have decided that your team being undercover is not going to be beneficial. Interpol has determined that public knowledge of our detail may prevent blatant attempts on Mr. Mason's life, as well as the lives of the agents involved.
Best of Luck,
Hyde Monroe
"Teresa, where's everyone?"
"Your team is in their rooms, I believe. Mr. Mason and his family are in the game room."
"Hey! Everyone in the kitchen. Masons, that includes you! Teresa, you stay as well."
I empty the box on the table. As everyone joins us, I replace my old badge. My eyes meet Blake's and he gives my wardrobe the once over.
"Is everything okay, Lily?" Shannon says concerned.
"Interpol has sent new cell phones for everyone. Untraceable. Sammi that's not a challenge."
She laughs. "As you wish."
"Hyde lifted the undercover status on this assignment. Badges and weapons on at all times, even in the apartment. Hayato and Sammi, includes the two of you."
I look at the cell phones. Each one's in a case with a belt clip. Five of them have sticky notes. I give one to each of the Masons and one to Teresa. I pick up the first designed case. It has a Boa emblem on the front.
Isn't that cute?