The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 97

"Hyde has a sense of humor. Boa," I say, handing it to Sammi.
She laughs loudly, shaking her head. I give out the rest of the phones, giving Dresden the letter and his new badge as well, and stare down at my case. On the front is a striking red viper.
I clip it onto my belt. "Mr. Mason, from today on, you and your family are not to leave this apartment without a security detail. Understood?"
"Lily, this is ridic— "
"This is not up for debate. That wasn't a request." His eyes widen at my tone. "Jax's stupidity has put a bigger target on your back. Shannon's escape and mine, has hit the news stations. The new death threat means The Taurus is very much in the area. Security detail, with you, at all times. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes, Agent Williams. Crystal clear."
My chest tightens. "That's all for now." He turns to leave. "Mr. Mason, may we speak privately?"
"Of course," he says, eyes cool and impassive.
I stalk toward his bedroom, standing inside the door. He crosses to the center of the room and I slam the door shut.
"Someone's in a bad mood today."
"Don't give me your fucking lip, Blake. You've been giving me the cold shoulder for almost two weeks."
His mouth drops open. "I'm not giving you the cold shoulder."
"Really? What do you call it?"
"Space." He takes a step toward me, his hands shaking slightly.
"I don't need space. For fuck’s sake, I've been through way worse in my life." I run my fingers through my hair, shaking my head.
"Lily . . . you were raped. I've seen what that does to the girls at the halfway house."
"What's your point?" My patience for this sensitivity has about run out.
"What's my point? Lily, I'm not pushing sex on you right now. You were raped."
"Blake." I draw in a breath, calming my nerves. "It doesn't affect me the way it does others. I've gone through this more times than I can count. I bounce back from this shit quickly. I don't need space and time to come to terms with it and all that shit."
"What do you need then?"
In two steps, he closes the distance between us, grabbing my hips, pushing me into the wall. His mouth closes on mine and I moan, giving his tongue access to mine. My hands slide greedily up his chest, gripping his shoulders. His muscles flex under my fingers as he reaches around to grab my ass.
"What have you done to me?"
He pulls back, staring down at me. "What do you mean?"
"You haven't noticed? I don't shake when people touch me anymore."
"Even with recent events?"
"Bennington should’ve brought all that back, but didn't. It's you, baby."
"I don't . . . understand."
"I've only known pain, Blake. The first time you touched me, and I mean really touched me, you healed part of me. I don't worry about others hurting me now. They can't. Physically, they can, but not emotionally. Only you can hurt me there."
He sighs. "Lily . . . I'd never hurt you, baby."