The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 91

"So, what's the problem?"
"We were discussing the bloody screw up that is this team," Hyde says acidly, cracking his knuckles.
"This team is not a screw up. Agent Unnami and I are at fault, not them."
"Lily, you haven't done anything wrong," Carmen Mason says.
"Ma'am, we have. Jax planned an infiltration, which I agreed to without approval from Interpol and without the proper back up from our team. That resulted in my capture and leaving the security details for Blake an agent short."
"You saved my daughter," she says through gritted teeth.
"Yes. However, Jax had no knowledge she was in that auction. I discovered that information prior to leaving and made the decision to extract her without approval from my superiors."
Teresa stops beside me, handing me four pills and a tumbler of Tequila. I smile affectionately. Tipping my head back, I wash the pills down with the alcohol and drain the glass. Wiping my mouth, I hand it back to her.
"Another?" She raises her eyebrows.
"Do you think I'll need another?"
"With this crowd . . . I leave the bottle out." She turns and heads back to the kitchen.
I chuckle, shaking my head.
My eyes find Blake's, and he's staring at me with a mixture of emotion I can't place. I raise my eyebrow at him. Vaguely, I realize someone's speaking, but I'm locked in a moment with him, and no one else matters right now.
He takes determined steps, stopping directly in front of me. I tilt my head back, never breaking eye contact. Softly, he runs his fingertips over my bruised cheek, down the side of my neck until his hand clasps the back on my head. He leans down and presses his lips to mine, sending fire from my lips to my groin.
God, I missed this.
His other hand cups the side of my face, tilting my head to the side, deepening the kiss. I tangle my hands in his hair, pulling him against me. He moans low in his throat as our tongues dance in a passion-filled rhythm.
"Hey, Hoover! Can you save that for later? Got issues to handle right now," Dresden says playfully.
I slow the kiss and chuckle against his lips. "Stay close to me."
"Always, baby." He stands up straighter and moves to my side, taking my free hand in his. He notices the cigarettes and lighter. "Since when do you smoke?"
"Only when I'm really stressed. I keep them in my duffel bag. I was going to go outside and have one, but I wasn't aware we were having a giant disciplinary hearing this morning."
"You can smoke in here, Lily."
"Blake, I can go outside."
"I don't want you out of my sight unless it is absolutely necessary. Smoke in here," he says with finality.
"I need an ashtray."
"Teresa!" She appears next to me, handing me a full tumbler of Tequila. I let go of Blake's hand to take it. "Can you get the ashtray out of my office for Lily, please?"
"Si, Mr. Mason."
I take a few steps forward, sitting my glass on the coffee table. Pulling a cigarette from my pack, I light it and set the lighter and pack on the table. I take a large swig of Tequila, put the glass back and stand, pulling a drag from my smoke.
"Alright, Monroe. What's the deal?"
"Agent Williams, while I appreciate you taking responsibility for your participation in this catastrophe, Interpol has concluded you’re not responsible and won’t face any disciplinary action."
"Well, thanks."