The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 85

"Teresa," Blake calls. She appears instantly. "Please take my sister to Lily's old room. I'll be moving her in there permanently."
"And where will you be putting me and my belongings?" I raise my eyebrow.
"In my bed, where yo
u belong," he says, standing.
He leans down and sweeps me easily into his arms. I gasp as pain radiates throughout my body. Carrying me to his room, he's careful not to jostle me in any way. Slowly, he lowers me onto the bed.
"There's so much I need to talk to you about, Lily, but it can wait. I want you to rest."
"Stay with me," I whisper, my eyes trying to close of their own accord.
"Lily, I don't want to accidentally hurt you," he says raking his hands through his hair.
"This pain is nothing compared to being without you. Please, Blake."
Admitting how much I need him hurts, but not as bad as fearing I'd never be with him again. So many nights I lay awake wishing I'd told Jax to fuck off, but bringing Shannon home is worth it in the grand scheme of things. Blake sighs and climbs in next to me, lying on his side, facing me. I reach over, pulling his arm across my stomach, wincing at the pressure. He tries to pull his arm away, but I hold it in place.
"Stop, Blake. Just hold me so I can sleep for a while, please."
"Okay, baby," he says, kissing my temple.
My eyes close and I fall into a heavy sleep, aware of nothing but the warmth of Blake's body— finally next to mine again.
"Ah!" Shannon screams as the belt connects with her back.
I keep my eyes on her.
He brings the belt across her stomach and I cringe as a dark red welt appears. She grimaces. I'm reminded she doesn't have any scars on her body except the brand, and I doubt she's ever really taken a beating.
She lifts her head as our tormentor moves around her, locking her gaze on mine. Her resemblance to Blake unnerves me. Pain lances through my heart as the tears stream from her eyes, endless, slowly pulling the life from behind her deep brown irises.
"Leave her the fuck alone!" I scream at him as he raises the belt again.
He stops and looks around her. If I can keep his attention, I can save her from the pain. Even if it kills me, she's Blake's sister, and it would crush him if he knew she'd endured such brutality.
He stalks toward me, the belt still raised over his head. "Excuse me?"
"I said, leave her the fuck alone."
He brings the belt down across my chest and stomach. It stings and bites into my skin, the rising welt burning. I grit my teeth, suppressing a scream. He pulls the belt across his body, and swings, slapping it against my ribs.
He moves around me, lashing the belt out as he goes. The welts sting against the cold air of our torture chamber. Each bite sings painfully against my skin. He stops behind me, slowly wrapping his fist in my hair, jerking my head back.
He drops the belt on the floor beside my feet, skimming his hand around my ribs to my breasts. He pinches my nipples, rolling them between his fingers. I bite my lip, swallowing the screams threatening to erupt from my throat. It's what he wants. Sadists like to hear you cry and beg.
"All your markings . . . you like it rough, I can tell. My kind of woman." He pulls my nipples downward.
"Too bad you're not man enough for me," I say through gritted teeth.
He moves his hands up my body, wrapping them around my neck and squeezes. I gasp, trying to take a breath. "I should strangle the life out of you while I fuck you. Show you how much of a man I am."
"You— still— wouldn't— be— man— enough."
"I think we should teach you a lesson in manners, bitch," he says in my ear, letting go of my neck.