The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 84

Sighing, I grab the hem of my shirt and pull, the fabric catching on the scabs.
"Let me help," Shannon says moving behind me.
"Thanks, Shan." I wince as she pulls the fabric away from my skin.
We peel the shirt off, sending a round of gasps through the room. Dresden and Vlad curse under their breath, and Blake's hand flies to his mouth.
"Turn around," Blake says, soft but stern.
Slowly, I spin until my back faces them.
"Sweet fucking Christ," Dresden hisses.
"Iadsfânt!" Vlad says. Holy hell.
"Bring her over to one of the tables," Sammi says in a strained voice.
"Guys, I'm fine. Already been looked at by a doctor."
"Are you sure?" Blake damn near chokes on his anger.
"Yes, baby. I just want to go home." I spin slowly to face him.
He reaches out, cups the side of my face, leans down, and presses a light kiss to my lips.
"We're going home, now," Blake says loudly. "Dresden, grab any supplies we need, have Teresa help you. Carmen, Father, I'm taking Lily and Shannon home where I can take care of them."
He steps next to me, taking my hand. Leaning down, he places a hot, needy kiss on my lips again. I smile as he straightens himself. His eyes are full of rage. Gently, I slide my shirt back on. I'm glad to be here, but I can tell it's going to be a very long night.
Blake refuses to let me walk anywhere. He carried me in from the car. To my embarrassment, when I needed to use the bathroom, he carried me there too. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, he had to argue with Jameson over who was going to carry me. They act like I haven’t been worse off than this, which I have, more than once. I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room, situated between Blake and Dresden. Shannon's on the other side of Dres, resting her head against the back of the sofa. We're both in need of sleep.
"A couch has never felt so good." I stifle a yawn.
"I second that," she says.
"Where have you all been for the last two months?" Dresden shifts and I open my eyes, staring at him.
"Do we really have to talk about this right now?"
"I thought about killing Jax in his sleep," he whispers, running his fingers through his hair, squeezing the back of his neck.
"Yeah . . . That doesn't sound like a bad idea. Nothing terrible could come of a dumb ass idea like that."
"He's serious, Lily. You have no idea how bad it's been here," Blake says, lifting my hand to his lips. "I'm just glad you're home."
"So am I. I need sleep, though. So does your sister."
"Oh, man. We don't have to sleep on concrete anymore," she says, excitement flooding her face.
"I've almost forgotten how nice pillows are," I say smiling.
"We all need to sit down and talk, Lily," Dresden says.
"I know. It has to wait though, Python. I really need sleep."
He nods, solemn with rage burning behind his eyes.