The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 81

"I intend to. Get your ass to Headquarters, immediately."
"Sir, one more thing," I say, a smile forming on my lips.
"I have Shannon Mason, sir."
"Well, fuck me." He's silent for a moment. "Well done, Viper. Get to HQ, I'll be waiting."
Officer Rogers swings open the back door of his cruiser. "Get in."
I usher Shannon into the backseat and climb in beside her. She leans her head on my shoulder, her body finally calming, and reaching up, I hug her head to me, resting mine back against the seat, smiling.
I'm coming home, Blake.
Shannon and I sit in Hyde Monroe's office and he's pissed. Can't blame him. I'm fucking livid. I didn't realize Jax hadn't bothered to let anyone know about the auction.
"What the in bloody hell was Jax thinking? Has he lost his mind?" Hyde paces behind his desk.
He's well into his sixties, and the redness of his face makes me worry he might have a heart attack.
"I'm sorry, sir. I wasn't aware that you weren't informed of this impromptu assignment," I say keeping my tone even and respectful.
"I don't blame you, Agent Williams. That bastard knows better."
"Sir, may I speak freely?"
He stops pacing and eyes me in surprise. "Of course."
"Sir, Jax intended to have me taken off the Mason assignment."
"He doesn't approve of my relationship with Mr. Mason, sir."
"So your relationship is official then?"
"No, sir. We were together before I left, though not publicly. It's been two months. I have no idea what's going to happen now."
"Do you intend to pursue a romantic relationship upon your return?"
"If he'll still have me, yes, sir. I love him."
"I see," Hyde mutters, tapping his fingertips against his lips. "Where do you stand on what we discussed the last time I saw you?"
"I still believe I can do my job more effectively than anyone else, despite my feelings for him."
"I've never met an agent who could do what you did. Two months with no back up and no hope of getting out alive. Yet, here you stand, and you found someone Interpol has been looking for over five years. I believe you're right. I think you will be more effective because of your feelings for Mr. Mason."
"Sir, I'd like to surprise the Mason family by bringing Shannon back to them as soon as possible."
"I need to look into this situation over the next few days," Hyde says, running his fingers across the desk.
"What’re your orders, sir?"
"I'll speak of this to no one yet, and you'll get to plan your surprise. Your orders are to take Shannon Mason back to her family, and you’ll remain with your team, in the protection detail for Mr. Mason until further notice. Do you understand?"