The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 80

"Lily, stop!" My breathing comes quick and heavy through my lungs. "Please . . . enough."
The fear in Shannon's eyes is sobering. I drop the cane, leaning down to pick up the knife. My eyes lock on Bennington's as my feet shuffle forward until my body is almost touching his. I press the knife under his right ear, drawing blood.
"This is for every girl you've ever touched," I say, running the blade along his throat to the place under his left ear. Blood squirts from his throat, soaking the front of him. I stare into his eyes until all life has left his body. His eyes close and his chin sags against his chest.
I drop the knife on the floor, the metal clank echoing around us. Shannon holds her hand out to me. I place mine in hers, and together we run, through the house, falling out the front door, landing naked in the street.
Several people stare as I gather her off the ground. Pulling her behind me, I run down the street, spotting a police car on the corner.
Holy shit . . . we're in DC.
I bang on the window. The officer forces the door open when he realizes two women are standing next to his car— naked. He places his hand on his gun, eyeing us with suspicion.
"Ma'am . . . what happened to you? Are you two all right?"
"Officer, my name is Agent Lily Williams. I'm with Interpol. I need you to take us to Interpol Headquarters, six blocks from here," I pant.
"Ma'am, calm down. Stand next to the car please."
I roll my eyes and shift Shannon. The officer reaches inside his car and pulls out two blankets. I wrap her in one as shakes overtake her body, tears streaming down her face. I settle the other one around my body, tapping my bare foot impatiently on the asphalt.
The officer talks into his CB radio. "This is Officer Rogers. Connect me to Interpol."
"Interpol Dispatch," a female voice says through the radio.
"Who's your contact, ma'am?"
I narrow my eyes at him. "Director Hyde Monroe."
"Dispatch, I got two women here, one saying she works for your agency. Says her contact is Director Hyde Monroe."
"One minute officer, I'll get him on the line."
"What's your name again, ma'am?"
"Agent Lily Williams."
His radio kicks back on and I sigh at Hyde's voice. "Monroe. Who's the agent?"
"She says her name is Lily Williams."
Hyde growls. "Give her the radio, now."
Officer Rogers hands me the radio and I wince, my ribs protesting the movement as the adrenaline finally dissipates.
"Monroe, its Viper."
"What the hell are you doing in DC?"
"Side mission. Jax's orders. Got lost in the ring, sir."
"How long have you been in?"
"Two months."
"Why the fuck wasn't I notified you were going in?"
"You'll have to ask Cobra that, sir."