The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 71

My eyes move from his substantial erection to his face. His lips press into a smirk and he winks. I give him my sly grin and lick my lips. Keeping my eyes on his, I lower my face, taking the tip of him into my mouth, sucking hard.
"Jesus, Lily," he breathes, closing his eyes.
I slide his impressive length fully into my mouth, swirling my tongue as I go. He flexes his hips, and I move with determination. I want to please Blake, and feel him come apart because of me. I suck harder, his hands moving to my hair. His breathing labored as we find a steady pace, pushing him closer to release.
"Fuck, Lily. Stop or I'm going to come in your mouth." His fists tighten in my hair.
I place my hands on his hips, and continue. His body shakes as he thrusts forward one last time, stilling, his release filling my mouth.
He tastes heavenly.
I swallow, and sit up, wiping the corners of my mouth. Blake opens his eyes, meeting my gaze as fire burns behind his beautiful brown irises.
"Blake!" I squeal as he grabs my waist, twisting to pin me underneath him.
"I . . . have never . . . had a woman . . . completely . . . unman me that way. You're a goddess, Lily," he says bringing his lips to mine.
"Glad you enjoyed it," I say against his lips, smiling.
"Enjoyed it is an understatement, baby." He kisses me again. "Now, I believe your request was for love making." He sits up, gripping the top of my pants.
My breath catches in my throat. He leans over, kissing my thigh as he strips me of my pants and panties. Throwing them on the floor, he gazes at my naked body.
"I'm a lucky man," he whispers. "You look mouthwatering, Lily."
I blush. Fuck, he is walking, talking sex.
Circling his hands around my ankles, he gently glides them to my thighs, squeezing my hips. I squirm, moaning softly as blood pulses to my clit, yearning to feel him inside me.
"Blake, please," I whimper.
"Patience, baby." He leans down, running his tongue from my left hipbone to my right. I flex my hips upward and he nips my skin.
"Ah, damn it, Blake!"
Before my hips can settle on the bed again, he pushes my legs open, and buries himself deep inside me. I scream out in a mixture of pain and pleasure— the fullness of his erection pulsing, and desire exploding within me.
Placing his hands on either side of my head, he presses his lips against mine, and moves. Pulling back slowly, he stills, and as I lift my hips, he slams into me again.
"Fuck," I say through gritted teeth.
"You feel like heaven, baby," he says pulling back again.
"Blake, plea—”
He slams into me again, but this time he keeps going— hard, fast, and unrelenting. The clenching deep in my stomach builds, his left hand, gripping my hip, holding me in place. It’s heaven and hell at once— a sweet, pounding pain.
"Come on, Lily," he hisses pushing deeper inside me. I can't take anymore. "Come with me, baby."
I explode around him, losing all sense of place and time. He thrusts into me again, shaking as he finds his own release. Panting, covered in sweat, he collapses beside me. His arms snake around my waist, pulling me against him.
His lips press firmly against my temple. "You better come back to me."
I smile, my eyes closing, my breath uneven. I'm sated and dumbstruck in the afterglow of his passion. "I intend to."
When I get back, we may never leave this room.