The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 68

"Hey, kiddo. How you feeling?"
"A lot better. The nurses sprayed some stuff on my back to numb it."
"Good. You okay?"
"You left the other day and I didn't get a chance to say thank you."
'Oh," I breathe, smoothing my hair.
"The adults here don't really understand. Even the other girls . . . they're from different places, not The Taurus."
"Yeah, I know how that is."
"Will you come see me again?"
"Uh . . . I'm leaving tomorrow for another assignment." My throat goes dry.
"Oh . . .” The disappointment is so strong in her voice it makes my stomach tight.
"But, I can come see you when I get back."
"Sure, kiddo."
"Okay. Thank you, Agent Williams. It means a lot. I just wanted you to know."
"Call me Lily."
"Okay. Bye, Lily."
"Bye, Sorina." I press the end button and hold the phone out to Blake.
He takes it and sits it back on the charging station. I sigh, twisting my head to crack my neck.
"You feeling better?"
"In regards to what?" I lift my head, meeting his gaze.
"How many things are wrong with you at the moment?" His eyebrows rise.
"More than you know," I whisper, running my fingers through my hair.
"Tell me."
I sigh. "I doubt you'd understand, Blake. You're not exactly from the same side of the tracks as us."
"You think because I have money, I don't understand pain? You shouldn't assume things, Lily. You know as much about me as I know about you, which isn't shit." His voice, a mixture of anger and sadness, makes my chest tighten moreso to the point of being painful.
"You're right. That's on my list of problems, currently." I frown.
"Lily, just talk to me. I'm asking because I care." He sits next to me, sliding his hand onto my knee. I shake, but only slightly.
Here we go.
"I've never fought with Jax before, not in ten years. Occasionally we piss, bitch, and moan over how to handle an assignment, but, it’s never about our personal lives."
"You haven't really had a personal life though, have you?"