The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 51

"I do. You realize I don't care, and I think someone has to have some balls where you're concerned. Do people always do everything you tell them?" He tilts his head to the side again, and arrogance flashes across his face.
"Yes, they do. If they don't, I make them. Very simple equation, Blake."
He breaks into a seductive smile. A lumps forms in my throat and my face heats, again.
"I still love how that sounds," he whispers, his eyes sweeping up and down my body.
I fidget with my fingers, glancing down at the floor. "Keep looking at me like that and I'll go back to calling you Mr. Mason."
He sighs, running his fingers through his hair. "One day, I'm going to break down your walls and then we'll see how much you hate that look."
The muscles in my lower stomach clench in a way I've never experienced before.
Is that a threat or a promise?
I'll never understand why someone needs a 136-inch projection screen. Life-size cartoon characters are a bit much. He's got damn near every game console ever made, including an old school Atari. Rhett gave me a lecture on the Atari once, which is the only reason I know what it is. I also know the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Dresden and Vlad take theirs everywhere to pass the time on long flights.
There’s also a computer, Ping-Pong table, pool table, darts, and skee-ball.
Who the fuck has skee-ball put in their apartment?
"Sit with me."
He's in the middle of a circular sectional, his right ankle crossed over his left knee. I stare at him, fear and heat running through my veins, making my breathing shallow. He smiles gently, patting the cushion next to him. My legs are lead as I walk to the couch and sit, my body tense.
He points a remote at the DVD player next to the projection screen, and it kicks to life, a blue background illuminating the screen. I glance at him as he picks up a different, smaller remote, presses a button, and the lights in the room dim. There’s no window, so as the movie begins, we're covered in almost total darkness.
An odd pulling sensation, the one I've felt around him before, starts in my stomach. I have the overwhelming urge to reach over and touch him, but my hands are shaking so hard I'm afraid to move. A slow sunrise grows on the screen, filling the room with red and gold light as some kind of African music sings through the speakers.
Blake reaches over and sits his hand atop mine, skimming his thumb over my knuckles. I take a few deep breaths and the tremors calm and within a few minutes stop. He laces his fingers with mine, and the pulling sensation between us makes my nerves stand on end, but his warmth allows me to relax and enjoy the movie.
It's actually pretty good, and really cute. I love the baboon, and laugh openly whenever he's on the screen. Blake's hand never leaves mine, and as the movie ends, the credits allow the room to darken.
"What did you think?"
I turn my face toward him, smiling. "That was adorable. What was it called again?"
"The Lion King. One of my favorites."
His eyes are alight with something I've never seen before as he stares into mine. He gives me a pointed stare as he lifts his hand into the air where I can see it.
He gently lays his palms against my cheek, and warmth seeps into my skin. Keeping his eyes on mine he leans forward, gently pressing his lips to mine. My eyes close of their own accord, and my body convulses, but Blake doesn't move. After a moment, everything slows down, and all that's left is the soft brush of his lips still on mine.
I really want him.
I move my hand, still a little shaky, running my fingers through his hair. He presses his lips against mine harder, his tongue darting out to tease my bottom lip. As mine part, he slowly possesses my mouth, and I kiss him back, willing away all the negativity and pain radiating through me. His hand moves from the side of my face to my neck, firmly holding my head in place as his tongue becomes more urgent.
Abruptly, he pulls away, his breath uneven, and rests his forehead against mine.
"You're so beautiful, Lily."
"What’re you doing to me, Blake?"
He chuckles and briefly presses his lips to mine again. I sigh as he pulls away and stands. My eyes follow him across the room as he changes the DVD, and comes to sit back down. He starts the movie, smiling at me, and takes my hand in his again.
The screen's taken over by a large ship and men talking about mermaids. I smile, willing my body to stay calm and relaxed. I've never watched movies before, and the normalcy of it all is refreshing and scary at the same time.