The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 52

Maybe Sammi's right . . . maybe I'm made for more than just the auctions.
Blake decides to go into the office Thursday and Friday, and we spend all day Saturday sitting around his apartment watching movies. It’s the strangest, and most relaxing, day of my life. The team, minus Jax, joins us, and it’s the first time I've seen us all together acting like people, not agents.
Sunday morning, I sit in Blake's entertainment room. I never knew children's cartoons could be so hilarious. They really aren't appropriate though. Most of this humor is too mature, but I've laughed my ass off watching them regardless.
So far, I've watch Kung Fu Panda, Jimmy Neutron, and am now glued to SpongeBob. It's beyond stupid, but I love it. This may become my Sunday morning routine, though, that’ll require me getting cable and a television when I go home.
If you go home.
I shake my head, tuning the television out. Every day, my feelings grow stronger. I’ve no idea what I'm going to do once this assignment is over. It's not as if Blake and I are actually together. Even if we were . . .
Could I really leave Interpol to be with him?
"Good morning, beautiful."
I jump damn near a mile out of my seat, whipping around. Blake's standing in the doorway wearing pajama pants and a white tank top. He looks amazing. I keep my eyes on his face as he walks around and sinks into the cushion next to me, a smile on his lips.
"How long have you been up?"
I blink trying to regain some composure. "Since six."
"Watching cartoons?" He raises his left eyebrow.
My face heats and I'm sure my cheeks are red. "Yeah."
"Have you eaten anything, yet?"
"Uh, no."
His lips set in a hard line, eyes narrowing slightly. "Come on, let's make some breakfast. Dresden's in the kitchen playing with the coffee maker finally. It's rather amusing."
He stands and holds his hand out. I shake, but only slightly as I place mine in his and follow him into the kitchen. Sure enough, Dresden's staring at the buttons on the machine, holding a K-cup in his hand.
"This is why I've avoided this fucking machine. Why the hell can't you just have a regular coffee pot?"
I chuckle, letting go of Blake's hand. Dresden sighs as I take the K-cup, throw it in the machine, and press the buttons for it to brew the way he likes it. Weak. He only drinks coffee when he hasn't had enough sleep, other than that, it's water and beer.
"Thanks," he mutters grabbing the cup and turning to sit at the island.
Blake sits across from him as Teresa enters the kitchen, moving straight for the fridge.
bsp; "Can I help you with breakfast, Mrs. Teresa?"
"Nah, you go sit, relax. I make omelets." She sets everything on the counter with a smile on her face.
I sigh in relief. I can't cook for shit.
"So, what’re your plans for today?" Blake shifts to face me.
"Training. Funny enough, I've barely done any in the last few days." I smirk.
"I wonder why?" His smile is carnal, and makes my stomach clench.