The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 49

I bring my gaze up to his.
"Don't think about it, Lily."
"Have you really slept with her?" Disgust is evident in my tone.
He sighs, and nods his head. "Yes. Usually when I was drunk. If you haven't noticed, it isn't something her and I make public."
"Ah, Baltimore Player, huh?"
"I don't date multiple women at once, Lily, if that's what you're implying, and I've never cheated on a woman either. Miranda was something that happened when I was single and not on the market," he says sternly.
I nod my head, letting him know I get it, but that I don't want to discuss it any further. I shouldn't have asked. Whom he fucks isn't my business.
"Do you have plans for today?"
"Training. Unless you have plans . . . in which case a security detail will accompany you."
He runs his index finger over his lower lip. "I'd like to take you out."
I choke on my coffee, my hand flying up to cover my mouth, "Take me out?"
"Yes. When was the last time you went shopping? In the time you've been here, the only thing you wear is black suits, sweatpants, and black shirts." His eyes flash with amusement.
"I'm pretty sure that’ll cause more issues than either of us needs right now."
"I don't give a damn what Jax thinks. Would you allow me to take you out for the day or not?" He crosses his arms over his chest.
"We'd have to take someone else for security. Jax won't agree to me going alone after last night." I meet his gaze, blood running hot through my veins.
"Jax won't approve of you going where alone?" Sammi strides into the kitchen, the other team members following her. Jax isn't with them.
"I'd like to take Lily shopping today. I'm over the Morticia Addams, all-black wardrobe," he says to Sammi.
She presses her lips into an amused, duck face smile. "Take a second security member with you, Lily can choose. Have Jameson drive you."
"Sammi, Jax will flip his shit," I whisper, shaking my head.
"I don't care. In the event you or Jax can't make decisions, that job falls to Dresden or me. Jax is being unreasonable, and you're involved, so I'll make the choice and Dresden isn't going to object. You're going, pick someone to go with you, end of discussion." She struts to the coffee pot and makes a cup.
"I'll go with you, Lily. If you'd like," Vlad says quietly, meeting my gaze.
I sigh, loudly, rubbing my eyes. "Fine. When did you want to leave for this impromptu day of irritating the fuck out of me?"
Everyone chuckles, including Blake. "An hour good for you?"
"Whatever. I hope you know, I hate shopping, crowds, and rich assholes who feel the need to fix everyone's wardrobe issues."
"Duly noted, Miss Williams," he says with a shit-eating grin on his face.
Oh, Blake, if those lips weren't so soft, I'd punch you right in the mouth.
So far, Blake's dragged me into Aeropostle, American Eagle, and Express. I've been in-and-out of dressing rooms, and fought with him over sleeveless shirts more often than necessary. Refusing to explain why I only wear long sleeves has put him in a foul mood, and he's quiet as we sit in Red Robin for lunch.
Vlad's on guard outside the restaurant, since it's located inside a food court, and the walls are glass. I sit, slowly munching on french fries, and despite my best efforts, every few minutes my eyes betray me, stealing a glimpse of Blake's chiseled face, admiring the way he runs his index finger over his bottom lip as he watches me.
"What's your favorite Disney movie?"