The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 42

"And you didn't think to fucking mention it?"
"Why would I? It doesn't matter. Your job's to protect him, which you're failing at."
My eyes widen. You’re not going to turn this on me, Jax. "Fuck you, Jax. Ten years, and I've never failed an assignment. You should've told me The Taurus was the group after him. It changes the fucking stakes and you know it.”
"Who's the Taurus?" Dresden asks.
"The Taurus is the biggest human trafficking ring in the world. They capture and sell 85% of all slaves in the sex trade," Jax says coolly. “Which you all w
ould know if anyone bothered to research anything, as opposed to just waiting for me to give you the information.”
"What does that mean for us?" Vlad says, stepping from behind Dresden.
"What that means, is we're in deep shit. The Taurus is a hundred times more deadly than anything we've gone up against in the last ten years," I say.
My eyes dart to Blake, standing open mouthed, a shocked expression pasted on his face.
"That just means you'll have to stop locking lips with the assignment, spend less time eye fucking each other, and do your god-damned job," Jax says condescendingly.
I tilt my head to the side, my insides hardening. No one speaks to me like that. I take a step forward, but someone grabs my arm, jolting my body into a round of shakes. I glare down at the pink-fingernailed hand clamped around my forearm. Raising my eyes, I stare into the face of a pissed off Sammi. She slowly removes her hand, and turns her gaze on Jax.
"You listen here, Jax Unnami," she says in a menacing tone. "That girl deserves any bit of happiness she can get, and if you speak to her like that again, or make her feel wrong for whatever feelings she has for that young man, I promise you, I’ll squeeze the life out of your career at Interpol, and then you'll really know why they call me Boa."
My mouth drops open. Sammi's never been cross with anyone, let alone Jax.
"And furthermore, she's too young to stay hidden from the world anymore; no matter how much you want to keep her on a leash. Your misplaced concern for her well-being has done nothing but ruin her chances at a normal life. At twenty-seven, she should be out living life and having fun, not hunting sadists and murders through the rings."
"Twenty-what?" Dresden says in shock.
"Oh, Sammi," I moan. "How do you know that?"
"What the fuck do you mean twenty-seven?" Dresden says in a growl.
"Did you think you could hide things from me, Lily? You've no idea the things I can find with a computer."
"How much do you know?" I close my eyes, waiting.
"Almost everything," she says in a low, sad tone.
Fuck me.
"Have you told anyone?" I grit my teeth.
"Of course not, and I won't. I promise."
"My ass you won't. She's only twenty-seven! Are you kidding me?" Dresden snaps.
"It's none of your business, Dresden." The anger floods my veins.
"The fuck it ain't. Twenty-seven, huh? We've been with you for ten years, Lily. We trained together for a year before our first assignment. That means I helped put a seventeen year old in an auction. The hell it isn't my business!" Dresden says, his voice rising.
I open my eyes, raking my fingers in my hair. I glance around the room, praying for something to calm me. Blake's hand gently squeezes my shoulder. My body calms.
What the hell is he doing to me?
"My life and how I came to Interpol is no one's business but mine. Yes, I was young, but Jax lying for me saved my life. If he hadn't, I would've killed myself the first chance I got. That's all you need to know," I say with finality.
"Does Hyde know?" Vlad asks, stepping forward, glaring at Jax.