The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 41

"Yes. And you're funny, and beautiful."
"Because being pretty is so important."
"You're more than that."
"You don't know anything about me."
"I'd like to."
"No, you wouldn't," I whisper.
"Don't do that. Don't go all stone-hearted on me right now. Just have fun, or try at least."
I nod. The song fades, and Blake and I jump as someone next to us clears their throat. Straightening ourselves, we look over to find a stocky, sharp man staring at us. Blake stiffens, standing taller.
"Mr. Khoui. I wasn't aware you'd be here this evening," he says in a guarded tone.
"Ah, Mason, I never miss a good party. Who is this lovely morsel?"
His tone's sobering, and my scalp prickles as this man gazes down my body. Blake squeezes my hips.
"Lily, this is Anderson Khoui, a businessman from Nevada. This is Lily, my date."
He puts his hand out for me to take. Hesitantly, I place mine in his, the tremors starting in my shoulders. He takes my hand, and lifts it to his lips.
"Pleasure." Reluctantly, he lets go of my fingers.
I put my hand in Blake's, and he squeezes, trying to calm my nerves.
"Have a good evening, Khoui."
"Same to you, Mason," he says turning to leave.
As he moves past us, the tattoo on his neck catches my eye— a solid black Taurus sign surrounded by blue flames.
Oh, fuck me . . . "Blake," I say as the shakes move through me. "Get me the fuck out of here, now."
"Take me to Sammi, Com HQ." The tightening in my throat hardly lets the air pass to my lungs.
This is impossible. This can't be happening. Blake keeps my hand firmly in his as he leads us through the ballroom toward the backdoor. Stopping in the hallway as before the doors leading outside to pull off the stupid heels I’m wearing, a million images of my youth flash through my mind— each one with that tattoo in the forefront.
Blake throws the backdoors open. I let go of his hand and storm across the lawn, making a beeline for the boathouse at the property line. The door opens with a bang, startling them. Whipping around, I tear the ear bud out and throw it at Jax as he slams the doors closed.
I knew they'd follow us.
"You asshole!"
"Lily, keep your voice down," Blake says quietly.
"Shut the fuck up, Blake or I will punch you in the mouth," I snap, turning my narrowed eyes on him.
"You knew all along who was after him, didn't you?" I take a step toward Jax.
He stares at me, eyes steeled against my wrath. "Of course, I knew."