The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 35

"Fair enough," he says, chuckling.
"Are you planning on leaving the apartment today?"
"Yes. Jax is sending Dresden, Vlad, and Rhett with me, I believe."
"Good. Follow orders and don't piss anyone off."
He laughs. "Yes, ma'am."
I grin, despite myself. "Have a good day, Mr. Mason." I turn and walk toward the door.
I turn back around, placing one hand on the door frame.
"I'm looking forward to Saturday." He winks and that strange surge of nerves runs through me again.
I wish I could say the same.
Tonight's the night. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, fear courses through my body waiting for my dress to arrive. Shaking, I pull a bathrobe from the hook on the door, slipping my arms in and tying it around my waist. I go into the bedroom, and sit on the edge of the bed, placing my head in my hands.
I don't want to do this. I can't do this.
The bedroom door opens with a slight creak.
"Lily?" Blake enters and the door clicks shut behind him.
I look up meeting his eyes. He's holding a long white garment bag and a medium size shopping bag.
"Here's your dress, shoes, and some other things to wear." He leans over to lay everything next me.
"Thank you." My voice is shaky as I twist my fingers together, sweat sticking to my palms.
"Listen, Jax gave me the third degree about tonight. I think I finally understand how impossible this is for you and I'm sorry. I wish I understood why, but I'll try to make tonight as easy as I can."
His eyes meet mine, and he nods slightly. The door closes quietly as he leaves. I stand, my legs like Jell-O beneath me, and pick up the garment bag. I have no idea what Jax said to him earlier. His demeanor worries me. Blake usually bounces between cocky and sweet romantic, but tonight he seems to be all self-conscious and nerves.
I slide the zipper down the bag, and pull the side open, revealing a long navy blue dress. Removing it from the bag, I smile. It has a square cut neckline with long sleeves.
No scars will be showing tonight.
I would take a hundred auctions over this. At least I know what to expect from the people there. Tonight . . . it's like jumping, covered in blood, into a shark tank. I don't know anything about Blake's lifestyle or the people he mingles with other than Miranda and Caleb, and I can't anticipate how they'll react or what they'll do.
My stomach heaves and I barely make it to the bathroom.
God help me.
My makeup's light with the only color coming from the shimmery blue eyeliner, matching my irises. My lashes look longer from the mascara, but I pass on the blush. I've thrown up several times while trying to get ready, so my cheeks are red enough without help. My lips shimmer with clear gloss, and my hair frames my face, falling over my shoulders past my breasts.
The dress is snug. Every curve I have shows, and I keep double-checking to make sure I'm actually wearing a dress. The only downfall is the slit that goes from the bottom of the dress to my hip on the right side.