The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 28

"Oh, really. You line dance, Agent Williams?"
I step forward, smirking. "You could say that."
"Well, let's roll out then, bitches," Caleb says bouncing in place.
An hour into this outing, I've finally managed to relax. The team seems to be enjoying themselves though. Dresden, Blake, Vlad, and Caleb stand at the edge of the dance floor talking, watching the crowd, while Miranda makes line-dancing look slutty.
Such a rare talent she has.
Rhett, Jameson, and I sit at the far end of the table, while Sammi, Jax and Hayato are at the other end. I'm the only person without a beer in their hand, but I've never been much into drinking anyway. Jax must be in rare form tonight because even he’s having a beer. I've watched Blake like a hawk this evening, my eyes glued to him each time he moves across the dance floor.
“Remember that summer you came to Texas with us?” Rhett smirks before he even finishes his sentence.
I chuckle as I sip my water. “Oh, the one where you had to carry Jameson to the car because he thought he could keep up with Jack Daniels shots? Yeah, I remember.”
“Hey, now, it’s not my fault you two are closet alcoholics.” Jameson sits his beer on the table as all three of us laugh.
"Alright ladies and gents," the DJ says over the microphone catching our attention. "If you know Soft-shoe, get ya asses up because Carrie Underwood's about to bring it down with Songs Like This."
My eyes meet Rhett's. He nods toward the dance floor, a grin playing at his lips. I give him my sly grin. This isn't going to be easy, but for once, I want to feel normal. I want to be twenty-seven and carefree, even if it's only for a moment— and even if I’m the only person who actually knows I’m still in my twenties. He stands and walks around, stopping in front of me and holds out his hand. I glance from it to his face.
Fuck . . .
My hand shakes violently as I reach out and place it in his. He ignores my reaction and pulls me to my feet, letting go of my hand as we walk toward the dance floor. He and I line up with the other dancers on the outside and my heart is pounding in my ears.
"Lily!" Blake takes a step forward. "What are you doing?"
I grin at him. "Dancin', Mr. Mason."
The music starts, and Rhett smiles. We both join the group in clapping to the beginning of the song and as the dance starts, my feet move, gliding with precision and grace over the floor. I lose myself in the music, forgetting about everyone around me, ignoring the hoots and hollers coming from Caleb and Jameson, and the tapping of many feet against the floor.
When the song ends, I strut back to the table and chug my water. Rhett's grinning from ear to ear, taking a long draw from his bottle.
"Nice job, Lily," he says.
"Thanks." I turn toward the dance the floor and almost slam into Blake's chest. Looking up, tremors run through my body from his closeness.
"Alright, couples! It's time for Sweets and Wilds. Gents, grab your ladies and get ya asses on the floor," the DJ booms through the mic.
"Dance with me," Blake whispers, his eyes blazing.
I shake my head slightly. "I can't, Mr. Mason."
Something inside me pulls and I want, so bad, to say yes. His touch will send me in convulsions, no doubt, but for some unknown reason— I want it.
I follow him out to the dance floor, tremors running from my shoulders to my knees. Blake stands next to me, gently setting his right arm across my shoulders as I lift my right hand, placing it in his. He reaches over and takes my left hand as well, squeezing gently.
The music begins and I take a deep breath, the shakes making it almost impossible to stay standing. Dresden stares at me from the edge of the dance floor, his face full of pain and concern.
"Talk to me," Blake whispers in my ear.
"I'm okay, just ignore it."
"This is what happens when people touch you?"