The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 25

1:30p Blake: I know man, but there's something about her . . .
Well, fuck me!
This is why I need space. Two days and he’s talking about me to his friends, taking me out to breakfast, and giving me flowers. No. The only thing this is going to do is hurt him and get me fired. If Jax finds out about any of this, I'm going to be in deep shit.
Despite myself, I do find Blake intriguing. I sigh and shake my head. All I need to do is ignore it. Ignore the sensations, his tone of voice, and the look in his eyes.
If I can do that, maybe I can get through this assignment with my sanity intact. I pick my book up off the table and read again. Blake's phone chirps at the same time mine vibrates. He squeezes the receiver between his ear and shoulder and picks up his phone. I raise my eyebrow as he snickers, tapping out a reply. He slides his phone back on the desk and mine vibrates again.
I pull it out and open the new messages.
2:15p Caleb: That's awesome dude. You've been single for too damn long. Just make sure Miranda doesn't fuck this one up.
2:17p Blake: Ha, I'm pretty sure Lily would bitch slap her.
I burst out laughing, shattering the quietness of the room. Blake lightly bangs his hand on his desk, his office phone still on his ear. My face heats and I mouth the word, 'Sorry' as I slide my phone back in its holder. He raises his eyebrows at me and I look back at my book, trying to compose myself.
Looks like Blake knows me better than I thought.
I clear my throat, swallowing another round of laughter. This would be a lot less funny if he knew his messages were being sent to my phone. I focus on my reading and space out, vaguely keeping track of Blake's conference call.
"You ready for lunch?"
I close the book and stand, raising my arms above my head to stretch. Blake lets his eyes roam over my body and I quickly drop my arms and step around him. He sighs and I hold my breath, opening his office door. He walks past me, his body coming too close to mine.
"Michelle, I'm going out for lunch. No one in the office and take messages, don't forward any calls to my cell today."
Her eyes dart from me to him, shock filling them. "Yes, sir."
I fall in stride next to him, pulling my cell phone out again.
"We won't need Jameson to drive us. The place we're going is less than a block away."
I press the button for his cell anyway.
"Black Mamba."
"We're walking to get lunch. Go get yourself something."
"Will do."
"Be careful."
"Of course, Viper."
I hit the end button and stick the phone back in its case, glancing up at Blake.
"His codename is Black Mamba."