The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 24

Well, there's no doubt Blake Mason is damn good at his job. I've sat in a chair in the corner of his office for five hours and so far, he’s bought three new companies, merged two more, and liquidated three others.
In moments when he's alone, I read a book from his bookshelf. Hamlet. It's actually one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Blake's phone chirps, distracting me from my reading. I glance up, irritation setting in.
That’s the tenth time his phone has gone off in the last twenty minutes.
I gently sit the book down on the coffee table in front of me, standing. Blake's phone chirps again. He glances up at me after reading his phone and his cheeks redden slightly.
"Excuse me for a moment, Mr. Mason," I say, strolling from his office.
Once outside, I shut his door and pull out my cell phone. I scroll through my contacts list, highlight the person I need and press the call button.
"Hey, Viper. How’s your day?" Hayato is overly cheerful.
"Boring as shit. I need a favor."
I glance up, noticing Blake's receptionist watching me carefully. I turn my back on her— she's a nosy bitch.
"No problem. What’d you need?"
"Can you hack Mason's phone and forward me all incoming and outgoing text messages for the last hour?"
He chuckles. "Ya, I got you. Give me five minutes."
I walk back into Blake's office, closing the door behind me. He looks up, meeting my gaze and smiles. My stomach clenches and I force my insides to remain calm.
"I've got one more conference call to take and then I'd like to get some lunch."
"Not a problem. Just let me know when you're ready to leave and I'll call Jameson."
"Okay," he says as his office phone rings.
I sit back in the corner as Blake takes his call. After another seven pages of Hamlet, my cell phone vibrates— it's the texts. I glance at Blake, making sure he's occupied before opening the file.
1:00p Caleb: Sup bro? 007 let you go to work today?
1:02p Blake: She's here with me.
1:05p Caleb: NO SHIT! Is she dressed in that hot spy wardrobe again? Can I stop by your office?
1:10p Blake: Ha. She looks pretty hot. We went out to breakfast this morning.
1:15p Caleb: OoO? Really? You digging on her already?
1:16p Blake: I dunno dude, something about her. She's so goddamn standoffish though.
1:18p Caleb: I bet. She's got some secrets man. What are you gonna do?
1:20p Blake: No clue. I don't think charm is going to work with her.
1:22p Caleb: Dude, just be yourself. If I was you, I'd fuck her three ways from Sunday . . . on your desk . . . your door locks right?
1:25p Blake: You're an asshole, though. It's different with her, Caleb . . . I can't explain it.
1:27p Caleb: Wait . . . you mean, you got like serious feelings for this chick? You've known her 2 days, bro!