The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 23

"Keep laughing, woman," he yells from inside the car.
Jameson shuts the door and turns around to face me. "What did you do?"
"Paid for breakfast." I smirk.
"Lily . . . you really know how to ruin it when someone does something nice for you," he scolds.
My smile falls and I stare at Jameson. "I don't know what you're trying to pull, but stop. He's an assignment and I'm not getting fired over the fact he flirts too damn much."
I reach around him and grab the handle for my door. He moves out of the way, walking to his side of the car. My cell phone vibrates and I shut the door, stepping away from the car to answer it.
"Hey, Lily, how's it going?" Sammi says in my ear.
"Eh. Wishing we had a better assignment. You?" I glance at the car before turning my back to it.
"I thought you'd be the one to dislike this. You're not big on socialization. How's your morning with Mr. Mason? Having fun yet?"
"Yeah, it's wonderful. Nothing better than a spoiled brat with too much money and no sense." I roll my eyes.
"Mason seems nice though."
"I guess, so," I say, feeling shy and strange. Doesn't matter if the sun shines out of his ass.
"Oh, come on, Lily. Mate bought you flowers. That was
"Yeah, and completely uncalled for."
"Has anyone ever bought you flowers before?"
"Well . . . no, but that isn't the point."
"I think he's sweet on you."
"Sweet on me . . . what are you, ninety?"
Someone clears their throat from behind me. I spin around to find Blake leaning up against the side of the car, hands in his pockets, a bemused look on his face.
"I got to go, Sammi," I say in a rush and hang up the phone.
"How's Sammi this morning?"
I raise my eyebrows. "She's fine."
"She's a real hoot. Spent a few hours chatting with her last night. Really cares about you." He runs his fingers through his hair.
Huh? "Don't harass my team trying to get information about me," I say reaching for the door handle again.
"Why? Afraid they'll reveal the secret to getting you to chill out?"
"You wish," I say playfully, but the sudden urge to be honest hits me again. "I'm very private, Mr. Mason. They don't know me as well as you think they do."
He looks at me, questioning with his eyes. I shake my head slightly, letting him know this isn't up for discussion. He sighs and climbs back into the car. I run my fingers through my hair and fling the passenger side door open, climbing inside.
I think it's time to start putting some distance between Blake and myself.