The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 19

"I'm the most guarded woman you know. Thank you for warning me. I'll keep it in mind, and I'll be fine."
Jax's eyes meet mine for a brief moment before he nods and takes his leave.
That's the only thing in his eyes during conversations like this. Men have made passes at me before. I ignore them or scare them off with threats. Jax should know better, but his concern is endearing.
No one's ever made your heart race like Blake does.
It doesn't matter. I'm broken. There's no putting me back together. Not even a man like Blake could succeed there. Love isn't in my future. No kind of relationship is. Not an emotional one and certainly not a physical one.
I walk over to the desk and pick up the long chain holding a small silver charm of the Romanian flag. My cover story goes so deep sometimes even I forget the truth. I slide the chain over my head, hiding it inside my shirt. This is my only reminder. Of whom I am— where I come from, my past, and how no amount of therapy or effort will ever make me normal again. I'll never feel the touch of a man and enjoy it.
No matter how tempting Blake might be, he'll never be that guy.
Ten minutes later, I walk to the kitchen, fully dressed in my Interpol regulars— weapons and all. Blake's seated at the counter. He looks over his shoulder as I approach, quickly takes a sip from his coffee, and stands, turning to face me.
Good God Almighty . . .
His hair is styled in purposeful disarray. He's clean shaven, making his jawline and cheekbones more prominent, his lips fuller, wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black and white striped tie.
I bite my bottom lip to keep my mouth from hanging open.
"Good morning, Lily," he says in a husky voice.
I blow out the breath I'm holding, making my cheeks puff. "Good morning, Mr. Mason."
"I hope you don't mind leaving early. I'd like to stop and get breakfast before heading to my office."
I walk forward, pulling my jacket off one of the kitchen chairs and sliding my arms through. He eyes my guns and whip, letting his gaze move over my chest and up to my face.
"Of course not. Shall we?" I gesture to the door.
He shakes his head slightly and turns without another word. I have a feeling I disarm him, though for some strange reason, I actually enjoy his wit. He's the only person I've met who knows what I do and doesn't look at me with pity and sadness in their eyes. I follow him to the elevator, a smile playing on my lips.
The smile fades. Don't Lily. Jax would flip and you'd lose your job.
I love Jax as much as a person with my issues can love another person . . . but sometimes, I can't help but wish I could be normal for one day . . . just to know what it's like . . .
Jameson pulls into a Denny's parking lot fifteen minutes from Blake's office building. I roll my eyes. The dude's probably got a bank account as big as Bill Gates and he chooses Denny's for breakfast.
You've got to be kidding me.
Jameson nods to Blake in the rearview mirror. I raise my eyebrows as he glances over at me.
"What?" He sounds like a kid who got caught stealing cookies.
"What’re you up to?" I narrow my eyes.
"Nothing. Go enjoy your breakfast."
“Jameson, you know our friendship won’t keep me from kicking your ass, right?”
He chuckles. “Lily, you’d have to catch me first, and we both know I’m the fastest thing on this team.”