The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 18

"I can't accept these." It's hard trying to sound like an authority figure without being rude.
"Why not?" His brows pull together, confusion littering his face.
"I just can't . . . thank you for the thought, though."
"You don't like flowers?"
Everyone's staring at me. "I’ve no issues with flowers, Mr. Mason. I just don't need so many."
"It's a dozen roses, Lily. I could’ve had half the floral shop delivered . . . which I thought about." He smirks.
I shiver as he says my name and sigh, trying to fight the odd sensation it brings on. Reaching over, I pull one rose from the vase. Despite myself, I bring it to my nose and inhale deeply. It smells wonderful.
"This is enough."
I give him a sly grin and turn on my heel, walking as fast as possible back to my bedroom. Shutting the door, I huff.
Why the hell did I just do that?
I look down at the rose and inhale its scent again. A normal girl would appreciate something like this . . . far more than I can. Shaking my head, I toss the rose on my pillow and stalk into the bathroom.
Not going to happen.
Who in the fuck set my alarm for 5:00 AM?
I grab one of the spare pillows and put it over my head trying to drown out the buzzing. I swear, I remember setting the damn thing for 7:30. Blake doesn't have to be to his office until 8:30. If I find out who came in here and reset my shit, I'm punching them in the balls.
Growling, I throw the pillow down on the bed, jump up, stalk over, and rip the clock's power cord out of the wall. Jameson and I will accompany Blake to work today, though he's getting the better deal out of this. He gets to stay in the car for the day, while I have to sit in Blake's office.
The fact my hormones have decided to wake up, after being asleep my entire life, over this guy, has me seriously irritated. Blake Mason is an assignment and even if he wasn't, it's not as if I can do the dating thing anyway. Men don't generally dig women who go into convulsions from being touched.
I strip out of my nightclothes as I walk into the bathroom. The shower is amazing. It could fit the entire team. More importantly, it has four shower heads— hot water everywhere. It's wonderful.
I let the heat calm me, saturating my hair, turning my skin a light red color. My hands skim over my scars, wincing as I rub the new brand on the lower part of my left leg. It's scabbed over and hurts like a motherfucker.
Sighing, I turn off the shower, step into the main area of the bathroom, and wrap myself in a towel. I slide my bra and panties on and sit on the edge of the queen size bed. This room is bigger than anything I've ever stayed in before.
My door opens and Jax steps in, closing it quietly behind him. He's the only person I don't hide my body from— it's nothing new to him. I look over my shoulder and briefly meet his eyes. His glare is icy.
"Everything okay?" I slide my pants on. Facing away from him, I slide my shirt over my head.
"You need to watch yourself around Mason." His voice is soft and full of concern.
I raise my eyebrows. "Why?"
"Lily . . . he's attracted to you. It's pretty obvious. This is an assignment. A relationship with a client is against protocol and will get you fired."
"When have I ever been in a relationship? You know it isn't something I'm capable of."
"I know," he says, giving me an affectionate glance, his voice softening. "I just don't want you getting hurt anymore."
"Jax, you're the only father I've ever known. You mean more to me than anything. But, you should know something like that isn't going to happen." I move to stand in front of him."Jax, please relax. He gave me roses, not an engagement ring." I reach out with trembling hands and run my palms up and down his arms.
"I just want to make sure you can guard yourself, Lily."