The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 10

Dresden and Vlad take off their weapons.
"What's the point then?"
"Too see if you can follow directions, and to prove I'm not as weak as you think."
"I never said you were weak," he says surprised.
"No, you didn't, but you think it."
The guys join us. Dresden is to my right, Vlad the left. These two never waste any time. Dresden lunges, grabbing for Blake's arm. I kick out, bringing my shin into his ribs. A familiar rattle echoes behind me and I turn in time to slam my hands into Vlad's chest as he moves forward.
"That fucking bracelet is your downfall, Rattlesnake!" I turn to block an advance by Dresden.
Vlad laughs, lunging behind me and grabbing Blake's bicep.
"I don't think so," I hiss, twisting in between them.
"Damn it," Vlad growls as I jab my elbow into his ribs, breaking his hold.
"Move, Blake!"
He steps back as Dresden closes on Vlad and me. I slip under Vlad's arm and shove his back, knocking him into Dresden. They straighten themselves and turn on me.
"Fuck the target," Dresden says quietly, stalking forward.
"Bring it on, asshole." The grin flows onto my face as I tilt my head to the side.
They lunge at the same time, Vlad landing a jab into my ribs. Dresden twists my right arm behind me and shoves, tossing me across the space. I land next to the picnic table holding my weapons, the hardness of the ground jolting my spine.
He and Vlad high five each other and walk toward Blake.
"We win." Dresden smirks.
I jump to my feet and grab my whip from the table. As Dresden reaches for Blake, I flick my arm forward. The leather shoots out, coiling around his wrist like a snake, tightening as he pulls against it.
"I don't fucking think so." I smile.
He looks at me, shocked. Taking advantage of the moment, I barrel toward him and drop, sliding across the grass, knocking his feet out from under him.
"Shit!" He topples to the ground hard.
Something shiny flashes in the corner of my eye, and Blake gasps. I turn my head as Vlad slashes at me with his hunter's knife.
"Cheater!" I roll out of his reach.
"Always," he says readjusting the knife in his hand.
I get to my feet and block Vlad from getting to Blake. He lunges, bringing the knife inches from my face. I wrap the middle of the whip around his arm and twist, bringing my foot into his side. He drops the blade and staggers back as I release him.
I dip down, grab the blade and stand as they both lunge at me. I flick the whip again, tangling it around Vlad's neck, dropping him to his knees. Dresden moves for Blake and I bring the knife up, stopping him short, pressing the metal against his throat.
"Jesus Christ," Blake whispers behind me.
My eyes lock on Dresden's, a sinister smile on my lips. "I win."
"Well done!" Jax booms from across the space. "Well done, indeed."
I lower my hands and turn to untangle the whip from Vlad's neck. I step back, giving myself some space. Blake's heated gaze meets mine, his eyes dark and intense.