The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

Page 7

"Good to see you again, Agent Monroe. Welcome to Baltimore."
"Thank you
"This must be the rest of my new and unnecessary security team." He glances over Hyde's shoulder.
"Let me introduce you," Hyde says, pulling me back to the present.
I look up as they walk toward us. He has a very determined walk I hadn’t noticed earlier, as if he's a man on a mission. Blake's brown hair is slightly damp and wavy, stopping just below his ears.
Water beads across his toned chest and thick muscles accent his shoulders and arms. His stomach is nothing but abs, chiseled to perfection, leading down to toned hips and legs. The baby blue swim trunks contrast nicely with his tan skin and hang off his hips just enough to show the V-shaped muscles. Blake Mason is the perfect instance of the inverted triangle.
Dresden joins me, hands in his pockets. "Go figure the asshole is rich and built like a brick shit house. He's like a walking cliché."
"Since when do you notice how good looking another dude is? Something you forgot to tell me?"
"Fuck you. He wasn’t half naked earlier. You can't tell me you failed to notice."
"I don't think a person on this beach hasn't noticed him."
"It’s whatever. He ain't got shit on these guns." Dresden flexes his arms causing the veins to pop slightly.
I chuckle, keeping my eyes on Jax. He gestures to us and Blake's eyes dart to mine again.
Jax, Hyde, and Blake stroll to the opposite end of the line we've stood in, stopping in front of Rhett.
"Lily and Dresden have already been acquainted, but everyone else, this is Blake Mason." Jax's voice commands the space as he glances down the line, shortly locking eyes with me. "This is Rhett Sheldon, Weapons Specialist."
They shake.
"I think it's important you know I don't condone the use of firearms in any way," Blake says in his deep, rumbling voice.
Wow . . . the muscles in my lower stomach clench as a shiver runs down my spine.
Focus, Lily. Damn.
"I'll keep that in mind, sir." Rhett gives him a curt nod.
"Next is Jameson Scott. The one Lily mentioned earlier."
“Ah, yes. My new driver.” Blake doesn’t bother to hide the sarcasm in his voice as he shakes hands with Jameson and then stares directly at me.
“Try to sound a little less like an asshole, Mr. Mason and this won’t be as bad as you think,” I say smirking at him.
Jax sighs loudly, and Blake laughs shaking his head. “Nice to see your attitude hasn’t change on the trip here.”
“Don’t mind her, she’s not as mean as she seems,” Vlad says leaning forward to look at me.
“Don’t lie to him, Vlad. That’s dangerous.”
He laughs and introduces himself before engaging in some small talk.
Blake gestures for us to join him and his friends in the picnic area.
"These are my good friends, Miranda and Caleb." Blake gestures to the two people closest to him.
As he introduces the other people sitting around the picnic tables, I take a moment to analyze his two closest friends. Miranda is short, bleach blonde with green eyes and more jewelry than one woman should wear. She hasn't bothered to look at us. Her eyes haven't left Blake since this entire introduction started.