The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol 1)

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"Let me explain something to you, Agent Scholl. Blake Mason is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. I don't give a damn how he treats you. Do your damn job." Hyde stands and walks around the table, handing a manila folder to Jax. "Here's the information you need. Mason will be meeting with you, Williams, Scholl, and myself in an hour. He’s rented a local park for today back in Baltimore for a family affair, so we'll head there afterwards."
"Wonderful," I mutter.
Jax gives me an agitated stare, and I avert my eyes.
"I'm not sure if this set up is a good idea," Jax says, scanning a paper in the manila folder.
"Too bad. We're trying to make Mason more accepting. You have free reign in almost everything else, but the setup can't be altered." Hyde’s tone leaves no room for argument.
"What's the setup?" Vlad, another one of my teammates, says.
Vlad looks more like a hitman than an Interpol agent. He has a shaved head with little to no facial hair, usually, and he wears a thick, gold chain around his neck. A shark tooth earring hangs from his right ear, and on his right wrist, he wears this god-awful bracelet. It's a black leather cuff with dangling bits of bone and metal. Some crackpot, witch doctor gave it to him while we were working in Zimbabwe. It rattles as he taps his thumb on the table.
"Lily will act as point for his personal security team with you and Dresden as co-guards. Everyone else is undercover security."
"What does that entail exactly?" I sit up straighter as my stomach tightens. Just the look on Jax’s face tells me I’m not going to enjoy this shit.
"You’ll be with Mr. Mason at all times. In overly public places, the others will go with you. For large events, such as some of the charity functions he attends, you all go," Hyde says, turning toward the door.
I stare, wide-eyed and open mouthed as the door closes behind him, shaking my head trying to process what he just said.
"Lily," Jax says gently.
My jaw clenches, forcing the muscles in my neck to flex. "Why the fuck do I have to be head of security?"
"The dick-face probably doesn't have an issue with women, so he won’t give you as hard of a time. He’ll think you’re a pushover," Dresden says, shaking his head.
"Interpol obviously doesn't know shit about our Lily." Vlad laughs.
The right side of my mouth quirks up, and I chuckle to myself. There’s a strange satisfaction that comes with proving you’re stronger and smarter than a man, at least, there is in my line of work.
Well . . . this could be fun.
"You going to be okay with this?" Jax stands, throwing the folder onto the table.
I chuckle. "Yeah. I love putting bitches in their place."
Dresden and I change into more professional clothing while we wait for Blake Mason to arrive at Interpol. It’s kind of fun to watch him squirm wearing a long sleeve button d
own shirt, tie, and dress slacks. He looks so out of place, continually pulling on the collar of the shirt trying to loosen it. If he flexes, that thing is going to rip. With his beard and stern face, he belongs in anything but dress clothes. I remain in black cargo pants, combat boots, black long sleeve shirt with a high neckline. Same thing I usually wear. Jax, on the other hand, changed into a full gray suit. It’s the only time he actually looks like our Unit Chief as opposed to the Nigerian Rebel fighter he used to be.
I'm not even sure why this guy needs protection. According to the profile, Mason’s six-foot-four, well-built, a black belt in karate, and competes in kickboxing tournaments every year. Our Technology Specialist also emailed an article from when he won a mixed martial arts competition in Fredericksburg.
Can't wait to see what he thinks of me being his main source of protection.
This is bound to be another instance of male stupidity.
"Try and behave yourselves today." Jax gives Dresden and I pointed glares.
We try to put on confused faces, but fail miserably. Dresden chuckles and runs his fingers through his short brown hair. He's about as likely to get along with Mason as a tiger and its prey are to share a bed.
"We will, Jax. Relax. This isn't our first rodeo." I sit forward in my chair to pull my hair over my shoulder. After retrieving a hair tie from my pocket, I quickly braid my overly long tresses. Even styled this way it hangs past my waist.
The door to the conference room opens, and we all get out of our seats as Hyde walks into the room followed by what can only be Blake Mason. Dresden and I step up to flank Jax, and I give Mason the once over, paying close attention to details, as he and Hyde chat.